Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wow, and I thought modern dentistry had hit British shores

Not for the feint of stomach.


Dipshit said...

Ahhh, put a bagover her head and do yr business

Richard said...

I shouldnt expect anything and i dont, but the man Lou Reed called out in 1979 ("Robert Christgau, what is he, a toefucker? Anal retentive!"), and Sonic Youth called in 1984 (their glorious song "I Killed Robert Christgau With My Big Fucking Dick later retitled "Kill Yr Idols") still hasnt leanred a fucking thing. Hisreview of the white stripes album is fucking disgusting. Totally reprehensible.

On a related note, the last time I read a Guitar World article was the Sonic Youth one back in 1992, and it was shcokingly good. Well, here we are an eternity later, and the same publication has sone an amazing (and quite long) interview with Jack White. Yes, it is worth reading.

D said...

Wow, that was a lame reading experience...the Christgau review, not anything else.

I left my favorite pair of shoes on the train this morning. They were lovely shoes. I hope they find a nice new home.

que ferions-nous sans vous pour nous guider? said...

ohh, that sucks, d!! which shoes were they?

D said...

They were these amazing 40s-style black pumps with an ankle strap and teeny cut-out pattern detail. I remember wearing them to the White Stripes show in 2005. I brought them with me today because I was thinking this morning that i didn't wear them enough, haha.

Mr Bigpants Cock (of the) Walk said...

hey. whats up. fuck Christgraw! Morris is doing good but she may have an eye infection so shes going to the vet tomorrow. I put a new link up called cine-file. it tracks interesting movies playing around chicago and updates often.

Mr Bigpants Cock (of the) Walk said...

particular: check out "heaven gallery" under the subtitle: "UNDERGROUND / GALLERY / MISC:"

its this place in Wicker park, on milwaukee. basically some gallery on the third floor of the building. but every wednesday at 8ish, they show two movies for free on the roof against the brick wall nextdoor (which's been painted white). the building's right next door to the L tracks but there are also trees and the moon. They show some good stuff and some bad stuff. "the tin drum" was good, Kenneth Anger's "inauguration of the pleasure dome": Grand! a documentary called "Marjoe" about this child named Marjoe (after Mary and Joseph) who became a reverend at the age of four. that was real good. but they also plays stuff like "Heathers". and there is also a high concentration of Indie-hugging oddness. but if you can get past that its real great

D said...

Indie hugging is weird. I saw so much of it at that Mt. Eerie show. I mean, I guess it's great that people love each other and all.

We'll be showing movies in our backyard soon...hopefully even before I move in. So I'll let y'all know when that happens. I keep hearing about that gallery, though. I know that Permanent Records also shows free movies sometimes.

Jackie said...

i'm back from minneapolis! woo!

i try to give minneapolis 2nd 3rd 4th chances, but i just don't really like that city that much.

que ferions-nous sans vous pour nous guider? said...

why don't you like it, jackie? i was only there for a ew hours, for a s-k show. it didn't seem that bad, though.

Jackie said...

the thing is, i don't know! i can't pinpoint what i dislike about it.

it just doesn't mesh well with me.

Jackie said...

i'm nerdly excited to get the new white stripes album monday night at midnight. i'm sure i'll be the only one there at midnight, haha.

but i did it for the last two albums, so i'm sure they are expecting me.

Richard said...

Hi everyone. Tim welcome back

Richard said...

is it bad i saw the song titles for the new devedra album and though "I HAVE to hear this"?

Richard said...

i could totally get into devendra just to irritate people, it could be a whole new thing for me.

Mr Bigpants Cock (of the) Walk said...

thanks. but i never went anywhere. what is dedendra rich?

D said...

Tim: Devendra here.

I am so retarded over this White Stripes record, and I haven't even heard it yet. One of my coworkers and I are going out to get copies the second 5 o'clock hits next Tuesday. I don't think anything is open in Chicago at midnight unless booze is served there, haha.

Richard said...

Devendra is some goofball corny ass hippie whose songs (Ive heard 2) are TERRIBLE. for some reason though i always think, "hey man that devander, yeah i should check it out". why, i have no idea.

and tim we thought maybe yuod left us. it just isnt the same around here w/o you.

Richard said...

i think its cuz i saw devender on tv once and ireally liked this cloak he was wearing. It was blue-red with gold trim. looked fantastic. that and one of his album covers is beautiful.

Richard said...

and no matter what he kicks joanna newsums arse !

D said...

Well, at least they both rise above their biggest influence. Vashti Bunyan is too boring to elicit even a vomitous response.

Richard said...

ive never heard one single note of hers, but christ almighty out of nowhere about 3 or 4 years ago the mojos and pitchforks cant stop sucking her ass. what the fuck? She wasnt worthy ten years ago, but is now? it appears to me to be bandwagon groupthink

D said...

It was the "Oh mi gawd, if these freak-folk people are so great, everything they like must be great too!" thing. Though the EP Bunyan did with the Animal Collective wasn't half bad. I think people are more in love with her "mythology" because they obviously aren't listening to the music. Crikeys.

Richard said...

also, i suppose i should mention, that yes i am very thrilled about the white stripes record. not to belabour the point but that guitar world interview was really good, also i dont know i just have a feeling about this one, just like i had a feeling about one beat or that first comets on fire record. I just want it really bad to be great. Of course the downside is I wanted elephant to be great as well, and we all know how THAT turned out!

of course its a whole different scene now, no 5 star reviews no "competition" with the strokes and so forth. and we're all really different people now. it is a whole new scene.

everyone (well most everyone, theres always a few stragglers) has grown up and gotten it together. and that goes for john gillis, corin, mirah and whoever else.

Richard said...

Ok, you want dorky??? Im totally excited and smiley that now both Kira and Chuck Dukowski are myspace friends. so i think you see the pattern here--- next up I'll find c'el and after that you hear me Dale Nixon, Im comin for you! The gorillas are breakin your door down.

see its funny cuz dale nixon is a ficticious person. its one of greg ginns alter-egos.

i cant imagine greg ginn on myspace.

but fuck, yeah--- KIRAH. the most bad ass bass player on the planet (not to exclude chuck dukowski of course, chuck I LOVE YOU)

Richard said...

and i just added an h onto kira's name. what a fan.

Richard said...

i wonder if i should spend my afternoon hunting down the rest of black flag, you know-- expand beyond the bass players, so who next??? Emil? Chuck Biscuits? fuckin Dez? Ron Reyes? Anthony Martinez? Bill Stevenson? Keith Morris? whats that one guys name...umm Henry?

Richard said...

Does anyone besides tim & me even LIKE black flag around here?

and if so, why not?

why dont you own everything they did (including the Wasted...Again compilation, the I Can See You EP or the Louie Louie single)? What, do you hate rock and/or roll? Do you have a brain injury? Do you just hate yourself?

And dont even get me start about FLIPPER!!!

and dont you even mention BAD BRAINS!!!!

whats that, you muttered BUTTHOLE SURFERS?????

what youre trying to goad me by talkin some URINALS??????

how dare you not even think of THE TWISTED ROOTS?????????????

and what the fuck about the FRUMPIES????

have you no soul?

Richard said...

Oh Oh, tryin to be big, talkin loud about MAGAZINE???????

oh real tough stuff yodeling about THE SAINTS!!!!!!!!!

and quit waffling about STETSASONIC!!!!!!

yeah stetsasonic is a rap group, what the fuck are you racist or somethin????????

stetsasonic ruled. got that?

so did the Geto Boys but dont see you talkin about them

or King Sun or X-Clan, not to mention PARIS!!!!!

Fuckin Paris was awesome!

Scott La Rock, you know about Scott

Fuckny Four + 1????????????


Ok they sucked, but what about the NIG HEIST!!!

Yeah, Tom Troccoli, i gotta look him up on myspace, that guys a fuckin GOD!!!!!!!!!

You know about Tom Troccoli? Why dont you?

Quit livin your life. It wont matter anymore.

Have you even heard Bullhead by the MELVINS??????

come on gang, get crackin!

Richard said...

well- jackie bought a rudimentary peni CD, so thats pretty fuckin cool.

but what about the SUBHUMANS???????



THE DICKS???????????????

The fuckin DICKS!

They were GREAT

whatsabout the WEIRDOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????

ANGRY SAMOANS anyone???????????


oooh you know whos great? THE SINGAPORE SLING!!!!!!


USA IS A MONSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SISTAS IN THE PIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

and some band i heard the other night but whos name i cant remember who were fuckin awesome!!!!!! Ive been trying to find them ever since!

Richard said...

AND SMEGMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whats up with not talkin some Smegma action???????

Jackie said...

i burned a dicks cd from my friend. does that count?

am i awesome yet?

Richard said...

yeah it helps, yr gettin there

dont forget music is always competitive, its no different than sports. and i have deemed theyself the judge of thou.

Richard said...

theyself, i like that

Deanna said...

Yay, Starsailor arrived in the mail!

Deanna said...

Now if only I could get my hands on Blue Afternoon for that cheap...I got lucky with this one!

I think I'm the only one here...

Richard said...

when you said starsailor i thought oyu meant the SHIT english band for a second.

D said...

Rich, you bloody know better! Why would I have a band sent to me in the mail, anyway? That's not very humane.

D said...

But yeah, I got it for $28 including shipping...not bad considering most auctions for it go for more than $70, and good luck finding it used on amazon for less than $ was a promo copy, but it's in good condition. I've listened to it already, and it's quite wonderful, but I'll fully admit that it's going to take me awhile to really get into it.

I'm now listening to a Bobby Darin record put out by Motown with covers of songs by Dylan, Randy Newman, and the Boxtops. What a strange combination...