Tuesday, July 24, 2007


You know how "they" say you can never go home again? Well, of course you can. The trick is, it's not worth going back to.

Living with the memories is fine, re-living the memories with the memories themselves is fucking poison.

Theres that dylan lyric that says something to the effect of what do you mean you cant repeat the past, of course you can. to which I add, yeah but why the fuck would you want to?

Speaking of lyrics, heres some truly perfect ones from my teacher and guru, Mr. Lennon...

Memories, O memories, release me from your spell
Today is all I need to know
Do you have to haunt me when I thought I let you go
I hear you whispering to the cold and lonely snow

Sometimes I get the feeling, daylight has come too soon
Hoping something is better, and howling at the moon

Memories, memories are meaningless to me
Watching late night movies on TV
Motionless I see them as they drift before my eyes
Crystal-clear and sparkling, effecting through my mind

Wondering, wondering is that really me
Running round in circles like a fool
Ah, with such insanity it's a wonder I survived
The angels have been good to me, I'm glad to be alive

Sometimes I get the feeling daylight has come too soon
Hoping for something is better, and howling at the moon

Oh, Endlessly, endlessly like driftwood on the sea
And memories are flooding on end
And the cats just listen to someone else's dream
No friends and yet no enemies, but teachers that all have been
Teachers that all have been

Sometimes I think the daylight, daylight has come too soon
Wishing that something is better, and howling at the moon

Oh, Endlessly, endlessly like driftwood on the sea
Memories are flooding on end
And the cats just listen to someone else's dream
No friends and yet no enemies, but teachers that all have been
No friends and yet no enemies, but teachers that all have been

OH an d heres more lyrics fromt hat OTHER John (Lydon)


You make me feel ashamed At acting attitudes
Remember ridicule It should be clear by now
Clear by now Your words are useless
Full of excuses False confidence
Someone has used you well
Used you well I could be wrong
It could be hate As far as I can see
Clinging desperately Imagining pretending
No personality Dragging on and on and on and on
And on and on and on and on
I think you're slightly late
Slightly late This person's had enough
Of useless memories
Always remember
Twisted amenities
Could be wrong This person's had enough
Of useless memories
Always remember
Twisted amenities
Out of order Out of order
It could be worse
You're losing all the time
I let you stay too long
I could be wrong
Could be worse
You're losing all the time
I let you stay too long
I Could be wrong
Could be wrong Whatever past Could never last
All in your mind Where it all began
You're doing wrong It's not the movies
And you're old


Richard said...

Yeah, home and past confused. home is...well gosh Im just gonna repeat you.

Right, here goes...home is in the instinct or in the perception. Home can be in certain individuals (i think). Home and past confused indeed.

I always got the same vibe off that dylan song, one of the things i think is interesting is...well i just re-read what you wrote and im about to repeat you again.

a comment is a comment a reaction is a reacion, action is action, confirmation is confirmation.

I think all the vibes are clear, I think all the energy is pure.

Mr Bigpants Cock (of the) Walk said...

Ive always thought that saying about never going home again is kind of confused. It confuses "home" and "the past" and just kind of throws "again" in the mix like a floaing turd. Since we're in eternity there always IS going to be home again or IS NOT going to be home again. A wise person knows that "home" is going to change visual and physical space throughout ones existence--but, in my opinion, yr lucky and doing things right when there is one and you can in fact go home. There were times in my life when I couldnt go home. bad times. not because I didnt pay rent or had a fight with someone who lived at given home.
Whenever there isnt home that you can go to "again" (quotes used loosely and mockingly against that old saying)--there's probably something in that person's life that needs to be changed immediately.

one more thing: about that dylan lyric, I think he too, like Rich, is saying 'Who would want to?' Ive always taken that lyric as a response to someone claiming to the fact that they could; as if they were saying 'I have made mistake X. Because I have made mistake X once in my life already--I could never make that mistake again.' ('Of course you can make that mistake again, what do you mean you can't, of course you can.') Like having the chicken pox or something.

finally, Although this is in the Comment section of the blog, this is an "Action" and CERTAINLY NOT a "Reaction" (Science and nature all in consideration.)

Richard said...

Hey how did my comment get before yours? huh?

ok, the trailor for the new wes anderson movie looks really cool. i hope its amazing.

Deanna said...

Whoa, a comment totally disappeared.

I just watched that trailer, there's some awesome music in it...and Adrien Brody, who I've completely forgiven for those idiotic Diet Coke commercials.

Mr Bigpants Cock (of the) Walk said...


Richard said...

woe? no! its whoa!

Jackie said...

Castro Pays for U.S. Students' Education
Posted: 2007-07-25 07:22:07
Filed Under: World
HAVANA (July 25) - Eight Americans who graduated from a Cuban medical school say they will put the education paid for by Fidel Castro's communist government to use in hospitals back home.

Four New Yorkers, three Californians and a Minnesotan, all from minority backgrounds, have studied in Havana since April 2001, forming the first class of American graduates from the Latin American School of Medicine.

One other American previously graduated from the school after transferring from a U.S. university, but the six women and two men graduating Tuesday were the first Americans to complete the entire six-year program since Castro offered the free medical training to U.S. students. The offer followed a meeting a delegation from the U.S. Congressional Black Caucus.

"I've learned that medicine is not a business, it's social, it's humane," said Toussaint Reynolds , a graduate from Massapequa, New York. "I will be a better doctor in the United States for it."

The 80-year-old Castro has not been seen in public since last July 31, when he announced that emergency intestinal surgery was forcing him to step down in favor of his younger brother Raul, the 76-year-old defense minister.

Vice President Carlos Lage and other top Cuban leaders attended a graduation ceremony Tuesday evening at Havana's Karl Marx theater.

Wearing white robes, the Americans were among more than 2,100 students from about 25 countries who received diplomas. More than 10,000 students now attend the Latin American School, which opened in 1999 to provide free medical training to foreign students from disadvantaged families.

Washington's 45-year-old embargo prohibits most Americans from traveling to Cuba and chokes off nearly all trade between the countries. But the U.S. State Department has not opposed the medical school program, saying American policy hopes to encourage contact between ordinary Cubans and Americans.

The students said that much of what they learned in Cuba matched the curriculum at American medical schools, but that instructors here placed a special emphasis on preventative care.

"I will be heading back to the United States with a great advantage over the American students who have stayed there," said Wing Wu, from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

U.S. authorities have suggested, however, that it is unclear whether Americans who receive Cuban medical training can meet licensing requirements in the United States. The graduates will have to pass two exams to apply for residency at American hospitals, then eventually pass a third.

But the U.S. transfer student who graduated from the Cuban school recently began his residency at a New York City hospital. His experience gave hope to Tuesday's graduating class.

"Do I think there will be prejudices against us when we go back to the States and are looking for residences? Yes, it's inevitable," said Kenya Bingham, from Alameda, California. "I think there will be just due to the simple fact that there are political differences between the two countries."

The students held a news conference with the Rev. Lucius Walker, leader of the U.S. nonprofit Pastors for Peace. He has worked closely with the graduates. He said about 100 other Americans are currently enrolled at the Latin American School, and another 18 are starting next month.

Michael Moore's hit documentary "Sicko"' praised Cuba's universal health care system, featuring scenes where the filmmaker brought ailing Sept. 11 rescue workers to the island for treatment.

Graduate Carmen Landau, 30, of Oakland, California, noted in an e-mail that chronic shortages of medicine and equipment in Cuba - much of it caused by the embargo - make health care here far more complicated than Moore's documentary suggested.

"This is a highly flawed system," Landau wrote. "After six years here I could go on and on regarding things that I think should be different."

But she also praised "Sicko," saying "it may be what we need to reform a system that is broken in the United States."

Richard said...

Fascinating, thanks Jackie

Richard said...

Im very fortunate to have the friends i do.

D said...

I'm very fortunate to have friends who take down posts in which they type my full name, haha.

How is everyone this morning? I'm so sleepy I can't stand myself.

Richard said...

Everything is okay, it all depends on how the response to my email goes!

Jackie said...

hey deanna, did you get one of those yoko ono light things at the pitchfork festival? my friend got one for me at the show and i keep pointing it to the heavens and saying, "i love you" over and over again.

Jackie said...

but with the voice of a tiny asian woman, which couldn't be more the opposite of me.

Richard said...

everyone wish me good luck on my email

D said...

Uh, break a finger on that e-mail, Rich.

Yes, I did get the Onochord penlight! It's now a permanent fixture on my keychain, so I can tell random people on the street that I love them, even though they're outside of my monkeysphere.