Friday, August 17, 2007


Hey there my fellow Americans:

I would like your help in naming my next book. After much market research these are the final ideas. Please pick the one you feel would most appeal to my demographic.

a) Right On/Left Off
b) Up & Down & In & Out
c) Cats & Dogs
d) All That You Can't Leave Behind
e) OU83?
f) Present
g) Mad @ Gas Car
h) Poems For Lovers
i) Volleyball Vs. Tetherball- The Final Battle: Ultimate Conquest: This Time It's Personal Part III
j) Whoa, This Is The Real Title?
k) Dude, No Way
l) Skinning Calves For Lalves
m) Rich Millet: Artist Of One
n) Paper Shredder Chronicles
o) Duck Bread And Other Festive Family Oriented Recipes
p) George W. Bush- An Oral Autobiography
q) Qwerty And Other Easily Typed Phoney Baloney Words
r) Tigers & Zebras: An Illustrated History
s) The Bible
t) U.S. News & World Report
u) War For Fun And Profit
v) Everything Is There
x) Talking Wall
y) Phortunate Fone
z) The Grapes Are On Sale At Costcos
aa) I Didn't See That
ab) Women In Need
ac) Men Indeed
ad) Rock Star Energy Drink- Party Like A Rock Star!
ae) Zip To Zippy
af) Duck Duck Duck Duck Duck Goose: The Real Story
ag) Is The Greek?
ah) Lies And Other Untruths
ai) How I Made $50 Dollars And Spent It
aj) Lisa & Michelle?: What Would You Name Your Breasts?
ak) How Guns Prevent Violence: The Best Of Fantasy Fiction
al) A Good Cop Is Impossible To Find- One Woman's Quest
am) Putting The Co In Cottage
an) The Rope Drank My Scissor
ao) Cock Rings- An Insider's Story
ap) If Everyone Ate Fish, We'd Live In The Ocean



Jackie said... about L?

Anonymous said...

Paper Shredder Chronicles

Mr Bigpants Cock (of the) Walk said...

Obviously these are all jokes except for the two that arent.
they are: 'Everything Is There'

and 'Tigers and Zebras: an illustrated history'. But this one needs to be modified, flip it and drop the colonated part.

Thus my votes go to 'Everything is There' and 'Zebras and Tigers'

but, playing off of another on the list, if you feel saucey, maybe:
'Oh, you ate one too'

que ferions-nous sans vous pour nous guider? said...

thanks everyone for voting! the votes have been tabulated and we have a winner!