Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Hey motherfuckers...
 is WAY into this music blogging thing. Apparently lots of folks are putting up sound files containing entire hard to find albums. Pretty cool in some ways. This mucis has to survive somehow.

Well heres something righteous...

Public Flipper Limited by Flipper

Scroll down to mid-page you'll find it.

One of the most vital musical documents ever created. Maybe the most vital, who fuckin knows. Flipper annihilates the phony garbage we all hold onto. Flipper is real. Flipper is life. Flipper is as elemental as water and air. Leave your analysis at home. Turn the spell check off.

Oh you have to have the  approved lgbhergporboplkfj;elf (technical name) downloading program, so dont be a pussy download it and shit.

Or not.

I have it on vinyl, I can burn you a copy.

Ted Falconi is/was a genius. Makes other guitar players look worthless.
Steve DePace makes other drummers look worthless.
Will Shatter & Bruce Lo(o)se were an eternally interlocked bass entity.
Thank both sang/chanted. They are/were infinite.

Bruce could very well be the greatest lyricist that rock n rol ever produced.
That includes a list of bob dylan/chuck berry/john lennon/lou reed/darby crash/jim morrison/etc.

Dont believe me?

Read this

Each moment
Each road
Every wall
All prisons
Every bank
Shall cease to exist

One by one
The waves crash
Onto the rock
And the rock will fall
The rock will fall

okay fine, that didnt convince you? heres more

Can't you hear the war cry?
It's time to enlist
The people speak as one
The cattle, the crowd

Those too afraid to live
Demand a sacrifice
A sacrifice

Cant you smell their stinking breath
Listen to them
Wheezing and gasping and
Chanting their slogans
The grave diggers song
Demand a sacrifice
A sacrifice

Can't you smell the fresh blood
Steaming into the soil
As our patriots
Fathers and mothers and lovers
Admire the military style
Praising God and the state
Crying tears of pride
For the sons and lovers
For all the fools slaughtered
For the maimed, the dying
And the dead
So the nation will live
So the people will remain as cattle
Demand a sacrifice
A sacrifice


D said...

Direct link to the aforementioned blog entry for the convenience of future generations. Thanks Rich, I'll definitely check this out when I get home.

Hey Liz, are you in good with any of the history faculty at UIC?

Richard said...

Thanks D, I figured youd figure out a better way to link it.

Also, this is important Public Flipper Limited has NEVER been issued on CD. The vinyl has been out of print since around 1991. I of course would normally NEVER advocate the hijakcing of this incredible band's music. However contractual legal BULLSHIT has made this the only route possible.

Mr Bigpants Cock (of the) Walk said...

you speak so cryptically (or incompletely). its actually not good to hijack anything really, ever. but when somethings not available then its not available. when something becomes available then it is available. some of these wonderful blog sites bridge the gap between those two periods. Like last winter I hijacked twelve sun ra albums and loved them. since then I have purchased ten of those twelve albums. free will, baby--woo hoo! Im just pointing out that its up to the individual to use these sites right and give back to the artists when (if) the oppurtunity arises...thus making totally cool in all ways as opposed to "pretty cool in some ways". (unless what you downloaded sucks shit--then you can be glad you dodged a bullet)

Richard said...

pretty cool in some ways = cool that you have a way of getting the music. not cool that the only way of getting it is download vs 180 gram deluxe vinyl or a good quality cd.

not cool as in downloads dont sound as good as "real" means (vinyl mainly, cds can be fine if done properly)

not cool as in the band of horses catalog is easily attainable and some of the best music ever made has to be scrounged for.

not cool as in not having a choice because of the lousy music industry machinations.

i think pretty much anyone who reads this has enough spine and decency and good sense to compensate/appreciate artists they care about when the time comes. i dont think of the music posting blog sites as a den of thieves. as i said this music has to survive somehow.

in communist countries they used to press records on discarded x-rays. western music was illegal there. you could be jailed for owning or listening to music. were the people pressing velvet underground albums thieves? no, obviously. the music had to survive. its absurd here in this time and place such an enormous backlog of expression is relegated to nothing. the same thing happened in films...the z channel/criterion types have tried to stop that. theres virtually no such comparison to be made in the "normal" music industry. so the download files are the x-ray sheets. why are things in such a lousy state?

i didnt think i said anything cryptic or incomplete. nor do i think you or i said anything that really diverged in any way.

information has to and will get through.

the day will come when everyone from bruce lose to roy haynes will get the check they fucking deserve.

Mr Bigpants Cock (of the) Walk said...

um, like, amen.

Deanna said...

I have nothing to contribute to the current discussion, because I agree with like everything that's been said.

Man, I love working at a place that doesn't require someone to be held accountable for every single tiny insignificant thing that happens. It's really refreshing.

Richard said...

I think my computer training is over. Hallelujah.

Jackie said...

hi everyone!

i miss checking blogger a million times a day. the insane girl who is training me lets me go online but she like is always next to me, it's irritating.

yup, that's my life!

que ferions-nous sans vous pour nous guider? said...

d, you like loretta lynn, right?

Deanna said...

I fucking LOVE Loretta Lynn.

que ferions-nous sans vous pour nous guider? said...

then i found a pretty nifty (and cheap) chirstmas present for you!!!

Richard said...

Jackie- I really miss you in AIM! Work isnt the SAIM!

D- So I guess we're not going to see the Evens. Sucks, huh?

You- Hey

Everyone- How's it goin?

Jackie- Yeah, I like the name of the zine

All- Let me know if you know if you want my special "Flipper Mix" CD(s). Chronological, annotated, and astounding. I plan to work on it this weekend.

Deanna said...

Why no Evens? Did they cancel their tour or something? Or did something else happen?

Richard said...

It turns out Liz & I had made plans, and we'd feel like real dicks breaking them. Plus- during the day Liz has to work at school.

Richard said...

Im just really bad with dates, so I never pay attention. My fault.

Deanna said...

It's cool, I forgot that I had something going on that day too. Oops.

Angela Davis is speaking at Northwestern on 11/29.

Anonymous said...


Jackie said...

i miss aim too! i can finally go online today because the crazy girl who is training me is gone for lunch, but she's nuts. and driving me nuts.

but yeah i'll be back on tuesday.

and i suppose that's all.

Jackie said...

oh and yeah, im one cd into the enormous list of cds you gave me.

so i'm starting! it's all starting! i found the meat puppets II for $6 at a used cd store. so i guess i had to spend what little money i had on it.

Richard said...

Oh and thats an amazing album too. Good choice.

Richard said...

Anonymous, thanks for your heartfelt comment. I think I speak for everyone when I say pee-pee butts boobs poo.

Your fresh and insightful take is both riveting and original.

Keep the dream alive!

Jackie said...

oh ps - id like a copy of the flipper shit you are talking about.

of course.

Richard said...

Consider it done, Jackie

Deanna said...

So what do you think could possibly be in the all-natural, vegan, handmade soap that I've been using for months now that is making my eye swell up? Because I have a not-date tonight, and this ain't pretty.

Richard said...


Deanna said...

Yeah, I didn't buy this soap in Rogers Park...

Richard said...

Well one way to solve the problem is to use said soap to wash your lips, that way you can look like Lil Mama or Liv Tyler.

So besides my daily beauty tip, tell us all about your date. With who? What are you wearing? Where are you going? What time will you be there? Where will you be sitting? How far can too far go?

Is this lucky stud going to find you easy as Sunday mornin- Lionel Richie style? Or a like Quarterflash will you harden your heart? Will you be Brendan Branson warm heart or a Benetar-esque Heartbreaker? Like Jennifer Warnes will you have the time of your life? Also like Jennifer Warnes and Joe Cocker, will you see the eagle fly on the mountainside? Enquiring minds with a slow afternoon before them want to know.

Oh, those 80s references? I've taken it upon myself to set up subliminal low paying advertising. Speaking of which enjoy the I Love The 80s weekend on VH-1 Classic. That Hal Sparks is a scream!

And so is that one guy who was in that awful fucking 90s sketch comedy show, oh I just rememberd his name Michael Ian Black. Boy he sure does great deadpan irony. And what comedic range. From cynical all the way to pissy.

So I'm Michael "The Voice" Bolton reminding YOU, to sit back, pop open some Cool Ranch Doritos and a Mountain Dew and remember how great the 80s were!


whutsamattau? said...

Enuff's Znuff with this bull----. Bring back the Dong Dude.

Or as we in the BIZ call him, the DONGINATOR

Everybody Rips Us Off said...

I sure could go for some Shit Yeah's classic "Sorry I Go Off". No Im more in a "Dude, You'd Hafta Taser Me Off That Thing" mood.

Richard said...

Ennuff Z'nuff is NEVER ENUFF

Enuff Z'nuff
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
(Redirected from Enuff Znuff)• Ten things you may not know about Wikipedia •Jump to: navigation, search
This article does not cite any references or sources. (November 2006)
Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unverifiable material may be challenged and removed.

Enuff Z'nuff is an American rock band from Blue Island, Illinois (a suburb of Chicago), founded by Donnie Vie (vocals, guitar & keyboards) and Chip Z'nuff (bass & vocals). Their main influences include Cheap Trick, Off Broadway, Pezband, The Raspberries, Badfinger, Elvis Costello, Queen, and most notably, The Beatles.

Formed in 1984, the band soon grew a strong local following. By the following year, they had recorded their first demo songs, many of which would be released only much later in their careers. The band's first single, "Fingers On It," was featured in the 1986 movie Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer, but the song was not available commercially until 1994.

By 1989, Enuff Z'Nuff had released their first major label offering, a self-titled debut album on Atco Records, with founding members Donnie Vie and Chip Z'Nuff being joined by guitarist Derek Frigo, the son of singer/actress Brittney Browne and renowned violinist/songwriter Johnny Frigo. They had two minor hits that year with the psychedelic-flavored pop rock songs "New Thing" and "Fly High Michelle," which both received steady airplay on MTV. The band's heavy glam rock appearance in their videos was later parodied on MTV's Beavis & Butthead.

For their follow-up album, 1991's Strength, the band tried to remove their glam image. It was released in 1991 to strong reviews, including Rolling Stone magazine calling the group "The hot band of the year." There were videos for the singles "Mother's Eyes" and "Baby Loves You," as well as appearances on The Late Show with David Letterman. This follow-up album did not sell nearly as well as their first.

The band filed chapter 7 and left Atco Records, but soon after was picked up by Clive Davis' Arista Records for their 1993 album Animals With Human Intelligence. The album received critical acclaim, but failed commercially. After the band was dropped from Arista, Derek Frigo decided to leave due to creative differences. However, the band has continued touring and recording up until the present, releasing albums on several indie labels, and finding a solid fanbase overseas.

The band had also made regular appearances in the mid-90's through 2005 on the Howard Stern Radio Show, and there is a chapter on Chip Z'nuff in Howard Stern's book Private Parts.

Lead singer and songwriter Donnie Vie stopped touring with the group in early 2002 to embark upon a solo career. Former lead-guitarist Derek Frigo, died from an apparent drug overdose at the age of 36. In 2006 the existing original members reconvened to shoot a pilot for VH1's reality based show Bands On The Run. The band recently finished up production in Las Vegas on their 16th album tentatively titled "Lost In Vegas" due for release in 2007. Since 2001 the band continues to tour regularly throughout the US & Europe as a power trio with guitarist/singer/songwriter Johnny Monaco performing lead vocals & guitar.

It has been reported that on October 26, 2007 Enuff's drummer Ricky Parent died after a long battle with cancer. [1]

[edit] Trivia
The Guilty Gear series of fighting games, notorious for its hard rock and metal nomenclature, features a character named Chipp Zanuff, an obvious reference to the band and its' bassist.

The last name Z'nuff is referenced on Homestarrunner in one of Strong Bad's e-mails, entitled "band names", where he cites it as an example of deriving a band name from a really cool last name of one of the members (among other examples such as Van Halen and Dokken).

Chip Z'nuff's stage name is a punctuational distortion of the phrase "Chip is enough."

In the band's earliest years, their name was spelled "Enough Z'Nuff."

[edit] Discography
1989 Enuff Z'nuff
1991 Strength
1993 Animals With Human Intelligence
1994 1985
1995 Tweaked
1996 Peach Fuzz
1997 Seven
1998 Live
1999 Paraphernalia
2000 10
2003 Welcome To Blue Island
2004 Favorites (Compilation)
2004 ?
2006 Greatest Hits
2006 Extended Versions (Live)
2007 Lost In Vegas (Tentative Title)

[edit] External links
Enuff Z'nuff on YouTube
Chip Z'nuff Interview on JBTV

ewdfgbn said...

So who else thinks it fuckin RULES that ENUFF ZNUFF had an album called Tweaked?

fuckin Tweaked

Richard said...

Check this out (and PK willl back me up)...I once knew a girl from Blue Island. She lived in...Blue Island.

That's all I used to remember.

I remember more now.

Richard said...

12 and a half hours on non-stop thrills

Richard said...

of not on.

ckufnckus said...

shut up that baby

Bruno said...

Hey shut up for face. Or I'll shut it up your you.

Bruno's back baby

Hitcha wita pool cuew in thebacka your stupid goddamn head

Bruce said...

What are you tryin to flatten tires?

Bruno said...


Bruce said...

Hey dont mess with the looks. like a statue

Deanna said...

Someone is having a good time today.

I'm having dinner and seeing Control with a friend. I'll be wearing my Show Me Your Riffs shirt, a yellow cardigan, and a bloodshot swollen eye. It'll be hot.

Richard said...


Oh, I get it. A friend. That one.

Well then, have a blast!

Give us a review of the film.

Deanna said...

I will possibly write a review, after I've finished the inevitable crying at the end. Because, like the Titanic sinking, we all know where this one's going.

Yeah, a friend. Former coworker as well. Funny and cute, with the same name as my ex, so I don't think it's a date...but we'll see how I feel in a few hours.

Deanna said...

This day is killing me. Sooooooo slow.

Richard said...

Oh, a co-worker. I bet I know which one.

Umm supposedly the Control movie doesnt end on a "down" note...I read an inteview witht he director and you see the movie ends with The Killers playing Shadowplay. So its up! Its inspring! The Killers! Its all better!

I think its weird they have to contruct Ian Curtis' character traits considering the only footage that exists of him is when he's singing. It'll be interesting.

Richard said...

And yeah today is REALLY FUCKING SLOW

Deanna said...

So. Not. A. Date.

Jackie said...

well i haven't had a date in months, so everyday is to me!


i mostly wanted to see my new icon so i commented, haha.

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