Sunday, November 04, 2007


I posted this on MySpace, but I'll repost it here. It's not very important, but I know you'll empathize.

My family had to have our dog Callie put to sleep this morning.

I am not a fan of dogs, but I loved this one. She acted like a cat. She would lie around and lick herself all day. She was extremely good natured, and yet she had enough psycho tendencies to fit right into our home. We got her when I was 13 or 14, after my mom had sworn off pets forever. She originally belonged to my aunt Barbara's mother, and I don't know all of the circumstances in the decision making...but I'm sure Barbara was very persuasive. Mom would get mad when I'd call her Caligula.

Callie got older, as all things do. She started developing weird moles and sores, and eventually you could see the cataracts growing over her eyes. She would run into legs, furniture, walls; she was tormented by Sam, the demon kitty (who I still love), until her final day. But she was still affectionate, even as her dependence on Mom and Mamaw increased due to her disabilities.

I knew this would be coming, and I've even tried to convince Mom in recent months that putting her out of her misery would be for the best. She seemed relatively healthy when I visited in September, all things considered, and I didn't expect her to be gone so soon. She had a good life, a peaceful death, and a cozy plot in the backyard in which her body will deteriorate.

She was a good dog. She will be missed.

And now I know for certain that I'm never getting my cat back. But Mom and Mamaw need Sam more than I do right now, so it's okay.


Jackie said...

i'm sorry to hear that D.

i know when my dog died, i was a fucking wreck. but things will get better!

que ferions-nous sans vous pour nous guider? said...

i'm sorry, too, d. and i like that you called her caligula! i'm sending you a hug!

Deanna said...

Thanks, guys. I feel way worse about this than I ever did about me and Matt breaking up...but I'll be alright.

Jackie said...

ive only had one phone call so far at work. blech.

i wish i could figure out aim on this thing! but i only work one day this week, so i shouldnt complain, haha.

Richard said...

hey jackie, sign onto
they have an AIM feature., just use your normal sign on and password. its really easy.

Jackie said...

it says i need javascript to sign in. i have no clue what that means.

Richard said...

D, how rude of me to not already have said sory about your dog.

On a lighter note, just so everyone knows the Flipper set is on hold cuz over the weekend I somehow managed to luck into a copy of Bruce Loose's VERY FUCKING OBSCUURE 1983 solo single, which thos ein the know (which seems to be like, 5 people cuz the single is VERY FUCKING OBSCURE) swear up and down is an essential Flipper document, even though only one member of Flipper plays on it.

So now Im just waiting for said single to mailed out to me. I have no doubt whatsoever itll be worth the wait.

Actually while Im at it, I'll address something Tim and I talked about last week. I HATE and have always HATED the hunt for great records. It may seem like I love it, but trust me, what seems like love is really just a great sense of relief and a feeling of being blessed enough to find what it is i was looking for.

Im very conscious of the fact that when I find a great and obscure record (which started way back in '92 when i started frantically buying Plastic Ono Band stuff, none of which was on CD), that means theres one LESS person that'll will have access to what Ive been fortunate enough to get. The music I care so much about should be MUCH EASIER to get than fucking Mariah Carey or Nickelback. I'm not a collector, and I hate the collector kind of "i have it and you dont, loser" attitude.

This is one of the reasons I do the Falling Deep series, this Flipper thing, The Lennon Project, why back in the old days I made mix tapes all the time etc. I dont want to horde things. Thats why the music blog sites are a good idea. These fucking barriers have to come down somehow.

"Music is everyone's posession, it's only the publishers who think people can own it"- John Ono Lennon, September 1980

Jackie said...

im just generally excited for new music. so bring it on!

Richard said...

its coming, its coming!

what did you think of themeat pupptes album, jackie?

Deanna said...


Jackie said...

i haven't listened to it yet rich, i will now that i dont have to work this week. then i'll let you know!

Richard said...

Hey Jackie where did you get your mysapce page layout. All the ones Im finding are fucking ugly as heck.

Jackie said...

yeah, it's for teenage girls. but so is myspace.

Jackie said...

im pretty sure they even have your fruits one, if you want to go that route again.

Richard said...

Hey, Im PRACTICALLY a teenage girl.