Monday, December 17, 2007

Clementine, Mandarin, Tangerine, Satsuma, Nectarine

Saturday we spent driving around buying fabrics- food- flowers- etc.
It snowed heavily and we spent much more than we had planned on, but we never doubted ourselves or our ideas. The driving was very slow. We just kind of barreled our way forward.

In the evening, we created the cover photo. The cover is a very elaborate still life. It was such a thing of beauty. If I may be self aggrandizing, I continually amazed at the things that Liz & I are able to manifest out of thin air. We somehow do it over and over again. It is a blessing. Jewelry, Fruit, Vegetables, Ribbons, Flowers, Candles- these were our ingrdients.

It just so happened Rich & Pat were having a dinner party while we were making our thing of beauty. We invited their guests upstairs. They ooohed and aahed. Made us feel great. When we were done, we gave all the food away to them. They each walked out into the freezing night with plastic bags of produce.

We took 201 photos. Both Liz & I feel we never got "THE SHOT". But the next morning I looked at everything and while we may not have gotten "THE SHOT", we sure got something very special. I dont think photos could capture what we made anyway. It was a living organism. Truly a thing of beauty.
You'll see the pictures. You'll agree with me.

It's for one of the "short books". We're printing on Wednesday. It's called "Oranges". Some people come from water, some people came from the sky. The human species is not a fixed, static species. The human race is an amalgamation. This is not the work or the energy of evil. I believe it is the will of God. It is our vocation while we're here to reconcile the insincts and intellects and integrate the disperate motivations and ideals of our collective make-up. Existing in a degraded state is not a foregone conclusion. If someone tells you it is, stare them in the eye till you see their forked tounge. The Earth gets hotter, that is not the will of God. Winter is our time. Time for apples and oranges and all the celebrations and exaltations. I stand in judgement of nothing. Nor am I frozen in a pure state. All things as all things. Purity is part of all things. As is degredation. As is mediocrity. As is enlightenment. States of mind and states of action are states of the soul. You know this of course.

The titles included in Oranges are:
For Social Reasons Only
Look At This Shirt
Earl Wrote This (For Tobi)

Look At This Shirt was co-written with Earl Todteman. It shares a title with a piece in Splish! but they are not the same. Earl Wrote This... was written soley by Earl. He wrote down various things I said and arranged it into a very complexy metered piece. I had used this method on him for the original "Mild Life" written in 2005.

You'll get Oranges nxt week probably, if you want it. I'll be posting all the artwork we dont use up here soon.


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