Thursday, December 20, 2007


Yes I love Black People for many reasons, and something that really wins me over is their ability to pull off wearing FUCKING AWESOME suits like the one this gentleman is sporting. If you're curious I found this pic ont he web page of a church I have to approve. This is the pastor. He's 6 years younger than me, and he lives in Florida. Hope you're all having a great day.


[09:19] Richardatelca: ok you can check NOW
[09:19] nectarine900: i already looked at it!
[09:19] Richardatelca: what did you think?
[09:22] nectarine900: its hilarious
[09:23] Richardatelca: why is it hilarious
[09:23] nectarine900: because i think of the website black people love us
[09:23] nectarine900: haha
[09:23] Richardatelca: yeah
[09:23] Richardatelca: haha
[09:23] Richardatelca: i was going to put I hope they love me
[09:23] Richardatelca: haha
[09:23] nectarine900: haha
[09:23] Richardatelca: maybe I should
[09:25] nectarine900: yeah, i think i like that better
[09:26] Richardatelca: but i am being sincere though
[09:26] Richardatelca: a white guy would look like a circus clown in that suit
[09:26] nectarine900: you are so right
[09:27] Richardatelca: its the same thing with bald heads
[09:27] Richardatelca: white guys look weird
[09:27] nectarine900: yeah
[09:27] Richardatelca: black guys look fantastic
[09:27] nectarine900: i still need to sleep with a black guy
[09:28] nectarine900: it will happen someday
[09:28] Richardatelca: Im sure it will


que ferions-nous sans vous pour nous guider? said...

while i do share the same belief that a white guy would look weird in that suit, i don't think all white men look weird with no hair. i see too many of them. and there are some men i've only known as bald and they would only look weird to me if they had hair all of a sudden.

and what's with sleeping with black guys jackie?! i thought you were all about boobs!

Jackie said...

of course i'm all about boobs! but hey if i feel it necessary to sleep with a black guy, it's gonna happen sometime.

Jackie said...

or i mean that i don't feel it necessary to sleep with people according to what my preferred sexuality is, i just go with the flow.

que ferions-nous sans vous pour nous guider? said...

i know, i was just joking around!

Jackie said...

i know! sorry, i wasnt trying to be a spazz. haha

Deanna said...

Sorry, guys, I had a hot date with my friend Valerie tonight.

OH! And we saw the douchebag from WILCO at Barnes and Noble while killing time before the movie! HAHA!