Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Perhaps I Was Wrong?

Minneapolis police raid goes awry

By STEVE KARNOWSKI, Associated Press Writer Mon Dec 17, 10:14 PM ET

MINNEAPOLIS - Two officers who raided an innocent family's house on a bad tip were shot at and returned fire, but no one was injured, a police spokesman said.

Vang Khang said Monday that he grabbed his hunting gun to protect himself, his wife and his six children when they heard someone burst through the back door early Sunday. He fired three shots, hitting two members of the SWAT team, but they were unhurt because of their bulletproof vests and helmets.

Officers returned fire, but nobody in the house was injured. Police released Khang after taking his statement.

All six of the children, ages 3 to 15, were home at the time.

Lt. Amelia Huffman said the officers went to the house listed on the search warrant, but it turned out the source was wrong.

Seven police officers were put on paid administrative leave as the department investigates, standard procedure when officers are involved in shootings, Huffman said.

Huffman declined to say much about the underlying case but said it was generated by a unit that typically handles drug and gang crimes.

Khang, 34, and his wife, Yee Moua, told reporters Monday night that they thought intruders had broken into their home.

Moua said she was watching television on the main floor when she heard voices and then windows breaking. She ran upstairs to tell her husband.

Khang said he grabbed the shotgun from a closet and fired three shots out his bedroom door. When his sons yelled at him that the intruders were actually police, he put down his gun and put his hands in the air.

"The whole family is badly shaken and still trying to understand what happened," Moua said. She and Khang showed reporters five broken windows and 22 bullet holes.


Deanna said...

Totally fucked.

I got your Xmas card today--thanks guys! Very cute.

Richard said...

From Jackie- her answers are on myspace...

1.How many people have you kissed in this month?

2. What's your middle name?
Matthew Michael Joseph

3. Would you rather spend a whole day with your mom or your dad?
I'd like to spend a day not speaking, answering fucking questions, not watching anything or not listening to anything and not fucking going anywhere.

4. Where will you be 12 hours from now?
Somewhere, as frustrated and upset as I am now.

5. Is it easy for others to make you feel intimidated?
Are you fucking kidding?

6. Do you know what you are going to wear tomorrow?
Ugly shirt, ugly pants, ugly shoes, 3rd week running on the p[air of socks I have on.

7. Where's your boy/girl at?
what the fuck does that mean?

8. Why did your last relationship end?
Relationship to what?

9. Does anyone hate you for no reason?
Most people seem to. I fuck them. I'll win.

10. Can you make yourself cry?
No, but I can fucking make you cry.

11. How many hours of sleep did you get yesterday?
7 or so. It doesnt matter. I get fucking headaches every day now.

13. Would you go back in time if you were given the chance?
It doesnt matter where I go

15. Whats your favorite color?
Black. White. Grey.

16. Do you know anyone who lives in Wyoming?

17. Have you ever kissed someone whose name starts with a C?
Probably, Im not going to try and remember. I dotn care.

18. Have you ever passed out?

19. What are you doing tomorrow?
Pointless awful painful nothingness. Just like every other day since I turned 30.

20. Are you easily confused?
Fuck you. I have more clarity than you ever could.

21. Do you think you would make a good parent?
I hate children. I always have. I will never have children.

22. What's your favorite kind of ice cream?
I dont like anything anymore.

23. What was your last place of employment?
Ive been working for the ELCA since early 2002.

24. Are you taller than 5'4"?

25. Have you ever liked someone who treated you like crap?
Fucking no. I have self respect.

26. Is your current hair color mostly your natural hair color?

27. What color are your socks?
Black or blue, who fucking cares.

28. Has anyone ever borrowed something from you and never returned it?
Its called stealing and Ive had numerous things stolen from me over the years.

29. Do you fall for people easily?

30. Everything happens for a reason?
Yes and that reason is to make life just that much more pointless and unliveable.

31. Have you ever dated someone more than once?

32. Who all has texted you in the last 24 hours?
No one.

34. Have you ever loved anyone?
My grandmother.

35. Do you find members of the opposite sex confusing?

37. When is the last time you saw number 4 on your top friends?

38. What are you listening to right now?
The refrigerator.

39. How has the week been?

40. Is there something you wish you could tell someone but can't?
I hate you and youre fucking stupid.

Richard said...

Now theyre trying to take away my vacation time. Looks like Ive already lost leaving early on friday. They seriously want me to come in next week from 2-5.

que ferions-nous sans vous pour nous guider? said...

fuck em hon. unless they'll let it roll over tell them no fucking way. they've screwed you over too much lately. let them take some of the stress.

Jackie said...

hey rich. sorry i'm not online, i've been doing bills all morning, i should be on later this afternoon. if you care, that is.

Richard said...
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Richard said...

what do you mean if i care

you damn weirdo

see you after 1:30- 2:30 your time

Jackie said...

i probably won't be until like 330 or 4. just to let you know!

Jackie said...

my time that is.