Thursday, January 17, 2008

Here I Am And I'm Out Here Amongst Them And There Is Nothing Before Me But Thang


when ronald was against everything he found that his center of equation was really the barometer of lack of fidelity.

there is lightning in my mind that strikes me from behind and cracks my thoughts into sets of three.

i cant be actual or factual when youre stepping on my leg.


Ummm I forget.

So wait now, ok ok ok.

Francis Ford Coppola's One From The Heart
Martin Scorcessee's New York, New York

killed the lamb was refused at the inn.

"My mom once said
Son, you got to be cool
'Cause there is nothing before you but thang

Now how in the hell
Can I be a good boy
When there is nothing before you but thang"

So hi there...whatever you want is just a (kjel wkjre) away. Fine minutes tops and the keys to the kingdom are yours.

Here's a poem Earl Todteman wrote last week...

it's called "The Rapist Vs. The Pussy"

If you're going to make a choice
make sure first youre smart enough to do so

when the snake has a leopard
fucking think about what youre headed to

the rapist and the pussy
which one did they become
did you think to pick
bravery or nobility
even though there's neither of either
in anyone

when youre driving to the building
you get refused before you're in

when youve twisted your ankle
and eating another mans skin

when youve tested your prostate
and youre sizing up your prospects

if the mule is on the phone
and the paper is getting a test scan

the rapist vs. the pussy
ready and red and shreiking to bed
or was it insufficient funds
even though the valleys and caves
have enough for everyone

yes, the rapist
girls who got raped are a real drag
you try being honest but they think youre their dad

yes, the pussy
lurking at school girls driving to the building
thinking "ooh id hit that in year and a half"

did the sky tell you
to eat every apple?

what did the manager tell you?
that you twisted your ankle?

what did your cheek tell you?
that theres a hole in your face?

yes sir thats my baby
what a wonderful town
whered you get those peepers
danny boy

the pipes the pipes are inside me
steel is better when its wrapped around rubber

and they were eating cracked off eggs
out of her ass after she'd broken her neck
it got recorded on the webcam
some guy in a chat room got called a fag

wow she's great I said sarcastically
yeah she's just fuckin great said her best friend even mroe sarcastically
holy shit i saw you on facebook, you dont look like a junkie!

the rapist vs the pussy
are you into blood
im into blood to
got a whole body full of it
ready to spray on you
when Im done jump on my dick
and scrape out the cum
then fold me and wear me
and tell the car salesman
its all a conspiracy

i do work sometimes
we should all get 1% 2% cost of living

i get more taken off in taxes

the rapist vs the pussy
on a diagram on a chart
one went back to jail
one got forgotten about


Ok, that was a really fucked poem Earl wrote. He sent me the first draft last week and I refused to post it. This is the censored version.

And then theres this...

christ I'll never be able to masterbate to Body Of Evidence or my broken apart copy of Sex ever again!

In closing...

"There's good, there's bad
But a thang is a thang
And there is nothing before you but thang"


"It's good to be hard
But it's hard to be good
When there is nothing before you but thang"


"Turn right, turn left
When you can't help yourself
When there is nothing before you but thang"

and finally in closing conclusion for real, no mroe commercial breaks...

"I'm learning to live
And to live is to give
And there is nothing before you but thang".

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Jackie said...

i want to read the uncensored version.