Sunday, March 02, 2008

Down in Dakar: Myspace Edition

Good Evening the princess I Hope that all go at merviellous sight at sight of your beautiful photograph and That in your me I go very well and I thank the very powerful "ALLAH" i intrduce myself it's to me Ibou my Name,I am Senegalese and my country situt in the North Western Africa. I am 29 years old single, not child and I make like trade data processing specialist, but currently I am manager of Cyber Café for my win bread, because I found of good job then not to remain without anything to make and nothing at the end month I chose trade not waiting to find best! I am Rastam Man simpa with everyone because I do not have a problem; I like to divert myself i. e. profit a little the life. I like the truth that that and fidelity , I hate the lies and the inaccuracy! I am on myspace to find SINGLE woman of my life for a Ship relation of love for life. if you etes interressing , you write me and I give you my coordinated and my Electronique address! spend a good day!**

** If only I was in the market for men from Senegal, I'd be knee deep in dates! There are two more as well but they were both in French.

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Richard said...

hi jackie, i'm at work today and on AIM.