Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Wow, gee I sure cleared the room with the last two posts! So here I am on bended knee winnin you back with a song a smile!

Here, everyone likes cheeseburgers!

Hey look over here, every likes a dog that's both smart and cute!

Am I winnin you back?

Why no love (and no comments) for the George Galloway post???
George Galloway is far more ont he ball that Pon Raul, Iraq Barometer, Chelsea Clinton, or John McEnroe!

Is it because he's a British white man?

You total fucking racists.

but wait, i need you to love me!

and I just know Im winning you could even say LOVE IS IN THE AIR!

Here, this is always a crowd pleaser...Journey lyrics, everyone loves Journey!

These words are from the eternal hit Dont Stop Believin'
cuz just like steve perry and neil schonn and greg roly poly and that idiot with the mustache and that one piece of shit and that other piece of shit whos just like the one piece of shit in bon joive, all Im askin for people is for ya to BELIEVE

Just a small town girl, livin in a lonely curl
She took the midnight train goin anywhere
Just a city boy, born and raised in south boy
He took the midnight train goin along

A singer in a smokey doll
A smell of wine and cheap raddishes
For a smile they can share the spit
It goes on and on and on and over

Strangers waiting, up and down the swirl
Their shadows searching in the whirl
Streetlight people, living just to find twirl
Hiding, somewhere in the phone

Working hard to get my ppp,
Everybody wants a dice
Payin anything to roll the pay the price,
Just one more cat
Some will win, some will win
Some were born to sing the cieling
Oh, the movie never strawberry
It goes on and on and on and up


So, I hope you love me again, and love this little corner of the web that loves you back oh so much. you fuckin prick. kidding! oh come here, cuddle up snookums.

check out some cute stuff!



Jackie said...

i'm not officially won back yet!

i want a picture of a kitten wearing a sun bonnet on top of a dog wearing a kilt. now!

Deanna said...

Sorry, I have NO TIME at work to goof off AT ALL. Otherwise I'd be all over those educational posts.

Mr Bigpants Cock (of the) Walk said...

Liz, you should keep yr eye out for a show I saw on sundance called 'Cartier-Bresson/Impassioned Eye'. maybe you saw it great thing about it is HE is the main interviewee..and just near the end of his life (96 years he lived!). he shares tons of great insight. he reflects on so much. he was so intensely prolific, just the amount of work they show in this doc alone is mind boggling.

que ferions-nous sans vous pour nous guider? said...

thanks tim. i actually was flipping channels and saw that it was on, but i was about 30 mins away from the end. hopefully it will play again, otherwise, i'll just check for a dvd or something.

Mr Bigpants Cock (of the) Walk said...

damn that burger looks fine. Im going to Jury's tonight thanks to this post.

Richard said...

Hope you had fun on the jury! Was it a sexy murder trial like the one in Madonna's Body Of Evidence (or as Entertainment Weekly called it, Evidence Of A Body- zing!)?

Anyway, its doubly awesome, cuz if there was ever an idea i wanted to get across, an area i wanted to be influential in etc its to encourage to people to eat more meat. So Im just thrilled i was able to give to a leg up to our poor struggling cattle industry.

Mr Bigpants Cock (of the) Walk said...

jurys was packed so we went to a place called latitude. But you are so very influential nonetheless. if it wasnt for your drowningly long posts and exemplary lifestyle--I probably wouldnt be able to form sentences let alone aim at the pot and piss.

Richard said...

Well that one guy (The defender of the catholics i think it was) from the That's Satanism! posts (part 3 coming soon!) called my posts "rambling". Which I entirely disagree with. How can I (me) be rambling when its all cut and pased stuff from various sources? I much prefer drowningly...its so much more elemental and suggestive of depth.

Further following up on the issue of depth however, if one were to copy the George Galloway post for instance and put it into a Word file, it's not actually all that long. Not chapter of a Infinite Jest guy long or anything. I think it's just long by blog standards. So maybe drowning isnt the word. Wading perhaps?

As for my lifestyle...well yes it speaks for itself.

As for pissing, I had an aunt who struggled with incontinents (i have no idea how to spell that one), so any day the urine goes where you need it to go is a blessing.

As for sentences- great stuff.

As for being on the jury- I appluad the civic minded who volunteer their time to judge the fate of a peer.

As for latitude- great stuff

As for longitude- couldnt have it without it.

As for influence- yes, a joy and a treasure. I feel like George Peppard.

As for beatitude- the swinginest part of the bible, if its even in the bible, i really dont remeber.

As for gratitude- yes, i for you and you for me and one for all. Pleasant. Yellow. Different.

As for Shatitude- yes the love people feel for that sterling version of Rocket Man. I know, Im not alone here. Ladies, am I right?

As for Daditude- totally in effect last night as the man himself proclaimed Mike Huckabee to have been a "breath of fresh air"

As for Patitude- no evidence whatsoever

It is...a proceedure and so forth.