Monday, April 07, 2008

Oh No! It's Devo!

DEVO Corporate Anthem

Jocko Homo

Freedom Of Choice


Private Secretary (Live At Kent State, 1972)

The Day My Baby Gave Me A Surprize

Uncontrollable Urge (Live)

(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction

Planet Earth (Live)

Smart Patrol/Mr DNA (Live)

DEVO Speaks

Girl U Want/Gates Of Steel (Live On Friday's)

Secret Agent Man

Mongoloid (Live On French TV, 1978)

DEVO Sells Laserdiscs

Beautiful World

Gates Of Steel (Live)


Richard said...

[13:04] Iloverocknroll77: im tired but good, you?
[13:04] Richardatelca: its nice to be alive
[13:04] Richardatelca: love is nice
[13:04] Richardatelca: how was MN?
[13:18] Richardatelca: oih my god
[13:18] Richardatelca: rmemeber that porno i told you about
[13:18] Richardatelca: She's My Man?
[13:19] Iloverocknroll77: yup
[13:19] Richardatelca: well turns out theres a She's My Man 2
[13:19] Richardatelca: which is almost as good
[13:19] Richardatelca: but, heres the big thing
[13:19] Richardatelca: the company who made them is called L Factor
[13:19] Richardatelca: and they released a bunch more titles
[13:20] Richardatelca: theyre all lesbian films
[13:20] Richardatelca: and the seem geared toward lesbian viewers
[13:20] Iloverocknroll77: i was looking at the porns at smitten kitten yesterday and i just didnt like any of them and most of them were not lesbian porn, which i thought was weird
[13:20] Iloverocknroll77: well now i guess i'll have to see more of them!
[13:59] Richardatelca: oh man
[13:59] Richardatelca: yesterday i watched the episode where tony was in korea
[14:00] Richardatelca: and he was travelling with this woman who works for him
[14:00] Richardatelca: whos korean
[14:00] Richardatelca: jesus
[14:00] Richardatelca: she put me in such a bad mood
[14:00] Richardatelca: shes like the peppiest most upbreat energetic person ever
[14:00] Iloverocknroll77: i havent seen that one
[14:00] Richardatelca: christ
[14:00] Richardatelca: i dont know how he deals with her
[14:01] Richardatelca: i would constantly have to be leaving the room
[14:01] Richardatelca: she could work on a cruise line
[14:01] Richardatelca: or at disney
[14:12] Richardatelca: what kind of dogs
[14:12] Iloverocknroll77: eleanor is a lab and neko is a papillion
[14:12] Richardatelca: oh, gross
[14:12] Richardatelca: i hate little yappy dogs
[14:13] Iloverocknroll77: hes not a pure breed so hes not all annoying and pretty looking and yippy
[14:13] Richardatelca: i see
[14:13] Iloverocknroll77: but he has the ears and everything and he is fairly small
[14:15] Richardatelca: ok
[14:15] Richardatelca: i hate the fucking yip yapping
[14:15] Richardatelca: kill them
[14:15] Richardatelca: haha
[14:15] Richardatelca: or drop kick them elsewhere
[14:15] Iloverocknroll77: well hes a sweet dog
[14:16] Richardatelca: good
[14:16] Richardatelca: i hate yip yapping motherfuckers
[14:16] Iloverocknroll77: well yeah
[14:16] Richardatelca: hate hate hate
[14:17] Richardatelca: like how a nazi hates a jew
[14:17] Iloverocknroll77: yeah i get it
[14:17] Richardatelca: like how a drunk beats his wife
[14:17] Iloverocknroll77: haha
[14:17] Richardatelca: like how louis farrakhan hates a jew
[14:18] Richardatelca: haha
[14:19] Richardatelca: so anyway
[14:19] Richardatelca: enough with hilarious tales of jew hating
[14:22] Richardatelca: hey do you like the movie risky business
[14:22] Iloverocknroll77: im not sure if ive seen it all the way through
[14:22] Richardatelca: god you suck
[14:22] Richardatelca: your lack of enthusiasm for risky business sickens me
[14:23] Richardatelca: fuck off and eat poo
[14:23] Richardatelca: oh check this out
[14:23] Richardatelca: in korean
[14:23] Richardatelca: a chicke's asshole
[14:23] Richardatelca: or i guess any asshole
[14:23] Richardatelca: is known as the "house of poo"
[14:24] Iloverocknroll77: thats awesome
[14:24] Richardatelca: yeah
[14:24] Richardatelca: and the peppy girl tony is with wants him to go to kareoke
[14:25] Richardatelca: and says "man, i'd rather live at the house of poo indefinately"
[14:26] Richardatelca: so now you can refer to the house of poo
[14:26] Richardatelca: and be a cultural big shot
[14:27] Iloverocknroll77: good to know
[14:27] Richardatelca: yeah
[14:28] Richardatelca: goddamnit
[14:28] Richardatelca: fucking xxxxxxxxx is back
[14:28] Richardatelca: jesus i hate her
[14:28] Richardatelca: why cant she just die
[14:28] Iloverocknroll77: you are giving off a lot of angry vibes today
[14:28] Richardatelca: i am?
[14:29] Iloverocknroll77: yes
[14:29] Richardatelca: oh you mean the killing of yipping dogs?
[14:29] Richardatelca: that was lighthearted gay humor
[14:29] Richardatelca: im really not angry
[14:29] Richardatelca: just about xxxxxxxxx being alive
[14:29] Richardatelca: i want that bitch dead
[14:34] Richardatelca: Im not angry thouhg
[14:34] Richardatelca: youre angry
[14:34] Richardatelca: and it sickens me
[14:34] Richardatelca: (spits on floor
[14:34] Richardatelca: force of spuit kills an ant)
[14:34] Richardatelca: (laughs at dead ant)
[14:34] Richardatelca: (rubs spit around on the cement with nice shoe)
[14:35] Richardatelca: (pisses)
[14:35] Richardatelca: so hi jackie
[14:35] Richardatelca: can i call you my gumdrop girlfriend?
[14:36] Iloverocknroll77: not to me, haha
[14:37] Richardatelca: oh why not
[14:37] Iloverocknroll77: i dont really have an answer for that
[14:37] Iloverocknroll77: just because its weird
[14:39] Richardatelca: we can wear matching rainbow outtfits
[14:39] Richardatelca: and hold hands and skip through the park slow motion
[14:39] Richardatelca: pick daisies
[14:39] Richardatelca: and then ytou can enourage people to try and get me to cheat on you
[14:40] Iloverocknroll77: ok weirdo, haha
[14:40] Richardatelca: nothing weird at all
[14:41] Richardatelca: so hi
[14:42] Richardatelca: ol gumdrop g/f
[14:42] Richardatelca: oh you could be g/d/g/f
[14:42] Richardatelca: thats got a ring to it
[14:42] Iloverocknroll77: it sure does
[14:43] Richardatelca: Im sleepy
[14:48] Iloverocknroll77: i wish i wasnt having my period
[14:48] Richardatelca: why?
[14:49] Richardatelca: is it fuckin time
[14:49] Iloverocknroll77: yeah! i got a new toy and i want to give it a test drive!
[14:50] Richardatelca: haha
[14:50] Richardatelca: what color is it
[14:50] Iloverocknroll77: pink
[14:50] Iloverocknroll77: its really pretty
[14:50] Richardatelca: how can it be pretty
[14:50] Richardatelca: haha
[14:50] Iloverocknroll77: it is!
[14:51] Richardatelca: does it like spin or shoot laser beams
[14:51] Iloverocknroll77: no
[14:53] Richardatelca: so its just a boring ol fake dick
[14:53] Richardatelca: which is pink
[14:53] Richardatelca: so its a fag fake dick
[14:53] Richardatelca: you can shove it someones arse
[14:53] Iloverocknroll77: ok asshole, im excited for it so fuck off
[14:54] Richardatelca: Im just joking
[14:54] Richardatelca: heez
[14:54] Richardatelca: such attitude
[14:54] Iloverocknroll77: such nastiness
[14:55] Richardatelca: Im not nasty
[14:55] Richardatelca: Im nice
[14:55] Richardatelca: or
[14:55] Richardatelca: take pout the n and put in a t
[14:55] Richardatelca: and you have tasty
[14:56] Richardatelca: you should take a picture of it
[14:57] Iloverocknroll77: no, thats okay
[14:57] Richardatelca: oh com eon
[14:57] Richardatelca: take a pic of you USING it
[14:57] Iloverocknroll77: yeah yeah whatever
[14:58] Richardatelca: why are you whatevering me
[14:59] Iloverocknroll77: no reason
[14:59] Richardatelca: oh god
[14:59] Richardatelca: want to hear a funny joke
[14:59] Richardatelca: i didnt make it up
[14:59] Richardatelca: What do you call Danny Bonaduce when you feed him?


[15:00] Iloverocknroll77: wow, that was awful
[15:00] Richardatelca: how so
[15:00] Iloverocknroll77: it was a dumb joke
[15:00] Richardatelca: i know
[15:00] Richardatelca: i didnt make it up
[15:00] Richardatelca: dont shoot the messenger
[15:03] Richardatelca: so anyway
[15:03] Richardatelca: moving right along
[15:05] Richardatelca: you know what would suck
[15:05] Richardatelca: like, really suck
[15:05] Richardatelca: suck really bad
[15:05] Richardatelca: imagine if you had a sister
[15:05] Richardatelca: and she was totally flat
[15:05] Richardatelca: like your uncle checks her out at the 4th of jluy BBQ
[15:06] Richardatelca: and he shakes his head and goes "that's like flatsville"

[15:06] Iloverocknroll77: i dont know if i can handle your weirdness today, haha
[15:06] Iloverocknroll77: im tired
[15:06] Richardatelca: well im not gonan pay alot for this muffler
[15:06] Richardatelca: and im not weird
[15:07] Iloverocknroll77: sure
[15:07] Richardatelca: Im a republican
[15:08] Iloverocknroll77: alright, well i think im gonna go
[15:08] Richardatelca: yeah
[15:08] Richardatelca: go on
[15:09] Richardatelca: i'll talk to you tomorrow
[15:09] Richardatelca: bright and early
[15:09] Iloverocknroll77: ok bye bye then
[15:09] Richardatelca: byebyebyeybebyeyeybeyeybeybeyebyebyebeybeybeyebyebeybeybeyebyebyebeybeyebyeb
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Richard said...

[13:12] Richardatelca: hi
[13:12] Iloverocknroll77: hello
[13:12] Richardatelca: how are you
[13:12] Iloverocknroll77: doing good, you?
[13:12] Richardatelca: Im fine
[13:13] Richardatelca: i have a meeting to go to at 3
[13:13] Richardatelca: which Im not thrilled about
[13:13] Iloverocknroll77: well that stinks
[13:13] Richardatelca: yeah
[13:13] Richardatelca: the good thing is it only lasts about 20 minutes
[13:15] Richardatelca: do you remember the show 3-2-1- contact?
[13:15] Iloverocknroll77: yes!
[13:15] Richardatelca: well i knew this kid who i used to hang out with
[13:15] Richardatelca: we'd bbe like 10 or 11
[13:16] Richardatelca: and were watching 3-2-1 contact
[13:16] Richardatelca: and his mom comes downstairs and tells him to take out the garbage or something
[13:16] Richardatelca: and he goes in this real low voice "hey mom, lets make connnntact"
[13:17] Iloverocknroll77: thats weird, haha
[13:17] Richardatelca: it was very weird
[13:17] Richardatelca: haha
[13:17] Richardatelca: she was really put out
[13:17] Richardatelca: heres something funny
[13:18] Richardatelca: like a week after that happened i walked in on his mom and ddad fucking
[13:18] Iloverocknroll77: gross!
[13:18] Richardatelca: yeah
[13:18] Richardatelca: haha
[13:18] Richardatelca: so ho wwas the newspaper
[13:19] Iloverocknroll77: oh just fine
[13:20] Richardatelca: did you eat a cantelpe
[13:20] Richardatelca: or a grapefruit
[13:20] Iloverocknroll77: huh?
[13:20] Richardatelca: did you wat a cantelope or a grapefruit while reading the paper
[13:20] Iloverocknroll77: no i sat on a chair in the living room and drank a glass of milk
[13:21] Richardatelca: thats darling
[13:21] Iloverocknroll77: oh it sure was!
[13:21] Richardatelca: a glass of milk
[13:22] Richardatelca: youre so innocent
[13:22] Iloverocknroll77: haha
[13:22] Richardatelca: a nice midwest girl
[13:22] Richardatelca: reading the paper drinking a glass of milk
[13:22] Richardatelca: could you be more wholesome?
[13:23] Richardatelca: eating an apple perhaps?
[13:23] Iloverocknroll77: no, i ate a cookie, haha
[13:23] Richardatelca: oh god
[13:23] Richardatelca: cookies and milk
[13:23] Richardatelca: perfect
[13:25] Iloverocknroll77: i AM nice and i like cookies and milk, so sue me
[13:26] Richardatelca: Im not making fun
[13:26] Richardatelca: actually cookies and milk kinda ruins it
[13:27] Richardatelca: its so much more prstine and all american if its a stand alone glass of milk
[13:27] Richardatelca: haha
[13:27] Iloverocknroll77: oh well, i guess i ruined it, haha
[13:28] Richardatelca: haha
[13:28] Richardatelca: you could be in a david lynch movie
[13:28] Richardatelca: haha
[13:28] Iloverocknroll77: that would be cool!
[13:29] Richardatelca: i know
[13:29] Iloverocknroll77: i cant even have pictures taken of me though without laughing, so i dont think id be a very actress
[13:30] Richardatelca: youd be great
[13:30] Iloverocknroll77: i doubt it!
[13:30] Richardatelca: i dont!
[13:31] Richardatelca: youre gonna be in my movies
[13:31] Iloverocknroll77: um no

[13:31] Richardatelca: umm yes!
[13:31] Iloverocknroll77: you cant make me!
[13:32] Richardatelca: yes I can!
[13:32] Iloverocknroll77: absolutely not
[13:35] Richardatelca: absolutely oh yeah
[13:36] Iloverocknroll77: im not sure how you think you could have me in a movie if i dont want to be and never will be
[13:36] Richardatelca: why wouldnt you want to be?
[13:36] Iloverocknroll77: because i dont want to

[13:37] Richardatelca: but that make sno sense
[13:37] Iloverocknroll77: sure it does, i dont want to
[13:38] Richardatelca: but why
[13:38] Richardatelca: thats the question
[13:39] Iloverocknroll77: because i dont want to!
[13:39] Richardatelca: while that technically is an answer, its an answer that doesnt anaswer anything
[13:40] Iloverocknroll77: well why would you want me to be in movies?
[13:40] Iloverocknroll77: thats what i dont get
[13:40] Richardatelca: becuase, youre interesting
[13:40] Richardatelca: i think youd do well
[13:40] Richardatelca: youre charismatic
[13:40] Iloverocknroll77: eh, i dont think i would be
[13:41] Richardatelca: eh, i do think you would be
[13:42] Iloverocknroll77: well thats nice
[13:42] Richardatelca: it is
[13:42] Richardatelca: just like your hair and eyes
[13:43] Iloverocknroll77: haha
[13:45] Richardatelca: i ahev a fun activity
[13:45] Richardatelca: make up the worst roses are red violets are blue poem you can
[13:45] Richardatelca: then i'll do one
[13:45] Richardatelca: and we'll see whos is worse
[13:45] Richardatelca: so, you can get started!
[13:46] Iloverocknroll77: yikes
[13:46] Iloverocknroll77: pressure
[13:47] Iloverocknroll77: roses are red
[13:47] Iloverocknroll77: violets are blue
[13:47] Iloverocknroll77: people say you suck

[13:47] Iloverocknroll77: and thats totally true
[13:47] Richardatelca: wow
[13:47] Richardatelca: ok now mine
[13:47] Richardatelca: roses are red
[13:47] Richardatelca: violets are blue
[13:48] Richardatelca: boobs are great when theyre big
[13:48] Richardatelca: and their better be two!
[13:48] Iloverocknroll77: oooh i liked that one
[13:48] Richardatelca: thanks
[13:48] Richardatelca: i liked yours
[13:49] Iloverocknroll77: yours had boobs in it, so i think it automatically wins
[13:49] Iloverocknroll77: i tried to say something about vaginas but i couldnt think of right wording
[13:50] Richardatelca: haha
[13:50] Richardatelca: well try again!
[13:51] Iloverocknroll77: roses are red
[13:51] Iloverocknroll77: violets are blue
[13:51] Iloverocknroll77: if you lick my pussy
[13:51] Iloverocknroll77: i will fuck you!
[13:51] Richardatelca: haha
[13:51] Richardatelca: roses are red
[13:51] Richardatelca: violets are blue
[13:52] Richardatelca: the greatest of vaginas
[13:52] Richardatelca: are too tight to be true
[13:52] Iloverocknroll77: hahahah
[13:52] Iloverocknroll77: those magical tight vaginas
[13:52] Richardatelca: right up there with unicorns
[13:52] Iloverocknroll77: yup
[13:53] Iloverocknroll77: i cant stop thinking about sex really since im like waiting out my period now, haha
[13:54] Richardatelca: haha
[13:54] Richardatelca: plus you have yr pink "TOY"
[13:54] Richardatelca: wink wink
[13:55] Iloverocknroll77: yes, im waiting to use it!
[13:55] Richardatelca: i know!
[14:00] Richardatelca: hi jackie
[14:00] Iloverocknroll77: hi
[14:01] Richardatelca: ive missed you, so
[14:01] Iloverocknroll77: oh you mean since i last talked to you like 3 hours ago?
[14:01] Richardatelca: yeah
[14:02] Iloverocknroll77: haha
[14:03] Richardatelca: i wanna nap!
[14:03] Richardatelca: i wanna nap!
[14:03] Richardatelca: i wanna nap!
[14:03] Richardatelca: let me sleep!
[14:03] Richardatelca: let me sleep!
[14:04] Richardatelca: let me sleep!
[14:04] Iloverocknroll77: hey im not the one stopping you
[14:05] Richardatelca: no thats a new song i wrote
[14:06] Iloverocknroll77: awesome
[14:07] Richardatelca: thanks
[14:07] Richardatelca: its thew song the ramone sucked too much to write
[14:07] Richardatelca: the ramones rejected songs off their albums cuz they were lame ass enough
[14:08] Richardatelca: it was a concept art project
[14:11] Richardatelca: im tired
[14:11] Richardatelca: i wanna nap
[14:12] Iloverocknroll77: im just feeling kinda boredc
[14:12] Iloverocknroll77: bored
[14:14] Richardatelca: Im feeling sleepy
[14:14] Richardatelca: roses are red
[14:14] Richardatelca: violets are blue
[14:14] Richardatelca: i wanna sleep
[14:14] Richardatelca: and i hate U2
[14:14] Iloverocknroll77: ooh nice one
[14:14] Richardatelca: thanks!
[14:15] Iloverocknroll77: my old roommate kaelin, shes like super super religious now
[14:16] Iloverocknroll77: and i go to her myspace to make fun of her its great
[14:16] Richardatelca: oh neat
[14:16] Richardatelca: send me a link
[14:17] Iloverocknroll77: well really all it says shes goes to bible study class and loves to read the bible
[14:18] Iloverocknroll77: but some of her quizzes she does just makes me wonder how i was ever in my entire life friends with her
[14:18] Iloverocknroll77:
[14:19] Iloverocknroll77: she did have a really fun house, so i think thats why we always went over there, haha
[14:20] Richardatelca: haha
[14:23] Richardatelca: shes an idiot
[14:24] Richardatelca: pathetic
[14:24] Richardatelca: i read some survey she did
[14:24] Iloverocknroll77: yeah i really hate her as a person
[14:25] Richardatelca: i already actively loathe her
[14:25] Iloverocknroll77: yeah i mean you dont need to know her to hate her
[14:25] Iloverocknroll77: shes an awful person
[14:25] Richardatelca: certainly seems like it
[14:25] Richardatelca: Id eat her alive
[14:25] Richardatelca: haha
[14:25] Iloverocknroll77: yeah for some reason she really wanted to be my friend
[14:26] Richardatelca: maybe she thought she could save you
[14:26] Iloverocknroll77: hahaha
[14:26] Iloverocknroll77: probably!
[14:26] Richardatelca: she saw you as a "project"
[14:26] Richardatelca: haah
[14:26] Iloverocknroll77: well too bad!
[14:26] Iloverocknroll77: i dont want to be saved
[14:27] Richardatelca: saved by what
[14:27] Richardatelca: you know?
[14:27] Richardatelca: from what
[14:27] Richardatelca: yourself?
[14:27] Richardatelca: for whos benefit
[14:27] Iloverocknroll77: exactly
[14:27] Iloverocknroll77: im happy with me
[14:27] Iloverocknroll77: no need to be "saved"
[14:29] Richardatelca: i mean I pray multiple times a day
[14:29] Richardatelca: Im a very devout guy
[14:29] Richardatelca: but that saving crap
[14:29] Richardatelca: its nonsensical
[14:30] Iloverocknroll77: i dont pray
[14:30] Iloverocknroll77: i havent prayed since i was little
[14:30] Richardatelca: but i dont like, shove it at people
[14:31] Richardatelca: i also dont follow any religion
[14:34] Richardatelca: so yeah
[14:34] Richardatelca: hi
[14:34] Iloverocknroll77: hi
[14:34] Richardatelca: this woman talking right now has a daughter whos retarded
[14:34] Richardatelca: i live in fear of having a retarded kid should i ever have a kid
[14:35] Richardatelca: i wouldnt be able to deal with that
[14:35] Iloverocknroll77: yeah i wouldnt want to deal with that shit
[14:35] Richardatelca: im sorry but retarded people bother me
[14:35] Iloverocknroll77: how so?
[14:35] Richardatelca: ummm
[14:35] Richardatelca: boy
[14:35] Richardatelca: this is gonan sound real bad
[14:35] Richardatelca: like they shouldnt exist
[14:35] Richardatelca: theyre mistakes
[14:36] Iloverocknroll77: aw, thats sad
[14:36] Richardatelca: i mean i dont like feeling that way
[14:36] Richardatelca: i know its not right
[14:36] Richardatelca: and in grade school i used to be nice to the retards
[14:36] Richardatelca: but jesus
[14:36] Richardatelca: id look in their eyes
[14:36] Richardatelca: look all tjhe dried snot on their faces
[14:37] Richardatelca: fuck, it really bothered me
[14:37] Iloverocknroll77: it just makes me really sad
[14:37] Iloverocknroll77: like not being able to have a normal life
[14:37] Richardatelca: yeah
[14:37] Richardatelca: oh god that crispin glover movie
[14:37] Richardatelca: the second one
[14:38] Richardatelca: is written by a retarded guy
[14:38] Richardatelca: actually he was smart
[14:38] Richardatelca: normal brain intellectually
[14:38] Richardatelca: but unable to really communicate
[14:38] Richardatelca: and looked retarded
[14:38] Richardatelca: and they never even tested him
[14:38] Richardatelca: they just put him in a home for like 40 years
[14:38] Iloverocknroll77: thats awful
[14:39] Richardatelca: it took decades to convince people he was intelligent and knew what was happening to him
[14:39] Richardatelca: and he was trying to write movies and books
[14:39] Richardatelca: that whole thing is so sad and horrifying
[14:39] Iloverocknroll77: yeah it sounds like it
[14:39] Iloverocknroll77: i just think back to high school when i would volunteer at the mental hospital, that was some scary shit sometimes
[14:40] Iloverocknroll77: it was sad and depressing and as like a 17 year old girl sometimes the retarded people really freaked me out
[14:40] Richardatelca: i can imagine
[14:41] Iloverocknroll77: i kinda forgot about all of that
[14:42] Iloverocknroll77: i never told my mom i volunteered there
[14:42] Iloverocknroll77: weird stuff
[14:42] Richardatelca: yes
[14:42] Richardatelca: i think in my case t stems from my dad being crippled
[14:43] Richardatelca: i was supposed to be born cripples
[14:43] Richardatelca: crippled*
[14:43] Richardatelca: when i came out my dad grabbed me to see if i was
[14:43] Iloverocknroll77: yeah thats pretty crazy
[14:44] Richardatelca: yeah
[14:47] Richardatelca: so hi
[14:48] Richardatelca: hi or so hi is like our re-start button
[14:48] Richardatelca: haha
[14:48] Iloverocknroll77: it is
[14:48] Iloverocknroll77: but it works
[14:49] Richardatelca: it totally super awesome heck yeah forever works
[14:51] Iloverocknroll77: well talking about retards certainly helped in my waning libido, thank you
[14:51] Richardatelca: waning?
[14:51] Richardatelca: seemed like it was bursting with horniness
[14:51] Iloverocknroll77: well i was trying to calm it down
[14:52] Iloverocknroll77: and it was waning
[14:52] Richardatelca: oh i getcha
[14:54] Richardatelca: ok well i should go
[14:54] Richardatelca: its meetin time!
[14:54] Iloverocknroll77: ok
[14:54] Iloverocknroll77: have a hoot
[14:54] Richardatelca: i;ll be back in a half hour
[14:54] Richardatelca: bye hon

elizabeth marie said...

on may 24 (saturday) the music box will be playing a matinee of rear window. i'm going so feel free to join me! i would love your company.

Deanna said...

Nice Liz! I might just have to join you.

Also, Mirah and SI are doing "Share This Place" at the Children's Humanities Festival. More info. At $5 a pop, I'm considering going to both the Friday night and Saturday morning shows.

que ferions-nous sans vous pour nous guider? said...

it's live? that's cool! i hope i can go.

que ferions-nous sans vous pour nous guider? said...

i almost forgot...

simone goes back to germany on may 19 (i think). i want to have a little goodbye party for her. any suggestions as to where to where we could have it? i mean, here is fine, i guess, but i thought it would be nicer and easier if we took her out. just think about it and let me know!

Deanna said...

Hmmmmm...somewhere in the city, maybe? I'll think about it over the weekend and give you some suggestions soon.

Mr Bigpants Cock (of the) Walk said...

well, it depends what on kind of vibe yr looking for liz. theres lots of options. does she have a favorite food?

Mr Bigpants Cock (of the) Walk said...

and what kind of viben. i got some ideas

Anonymous said...

it can all be found on

Anonymous said...

redtube is the way

que ferions-nous sans vous pour nous guider? said...

i think simone will eat anything, so i'm not sure on what kind of food. i also don't wan to have too many people there. i mean, she is friends with a lot of the mexican exchange students we had classes with, and although i liked them i don't want to pay for all of them either. so i'm trying to think of a small place where rich, me, you, kate, and d can go... i've gotta talk to her too. but it's hard since i have the bfa show coming up on friday, and now they're saying that non-graduates have to have work in their studios--a week's notice so now i have to push any socializing over a week to work on my shooting and printing.

Deanna said...

Liz, you shouldn't have to pay for everyone...just tell people that you're throwing a going away party and they can come, but they have to pay for their share and part of whatever Simone has. I think that's fair.

Richard said...