Sunday, April 13, 2008

You're invited...


Jackie said...

i have my doubts anyone would want to come up to northern wisconsin BUT i'm celebrating my birthday on what looks like may 3rd, which is a saturday. all are invited. even if you don't like it, you guys are my friends.

so think about it. i have.

Deanna said...

But you're not in this, Liz! I'll still go sometime this weekend, though.

que ferions-nous sans vous pour nous guider? said...

actually, i have to have my work-in-progress up in my "studio." after ten weeks of telling the non-grads that they aren't in the show, the gave us one week's notice that we have to have work in our studios up because, supposedly, people are going to look in there, too. why? i have no clue, but that's what they said. i mean, i'm not saying you have to go, not even to see my stuff. i'm just spreading the word in case you are bored this weekend. i'll be there on friday, because i get the feeling my grade will lower if i'm not.

Deanna said...

que ferions-nous sans vous pour nous guider? said...

**this just in**

the instructors decided TODAY that the non-grads now have a MANDATORY show of their own to be set up the day after the bfa show, so wednesday 23 through the 25th. thanks for the one week notice AGAIN.

Richard said...

[08:56] Richardatelca: so how are you
[08:57] Iloverocknroll77: im good, you?
[08:57] Richardatelca: Im ok
[08:57] Richardatelca: i didnt sleep as long as id like to have
[08:57] Richardatelca: i went to bed kinda late
[08:58] Richardatelca: we had the police at our house yesterday
[08:58] Iloverocknroll77: why?
[09:01] Richardatelca: her old car is still registered in her name
[09:01] Richardatelca: even though she sol dit to carmax
[09:01] Richardatelca: and apparently the car has been stolen
[09:02] Iloverocknroll77: whos car?
[09:02] Richardatelca: her old one
[09:02] Iloverocknroll77: no, who? liz?
[09:03] Richardatelca: liz
[09:03] Richardatelca: she sold her car to carmax
[09:03] Richardatelca: but they never changed to wonership for some reason
[09:05] Richardatelca: so the cops thought she was pulling some kinda stolen car scam
[09:05] Richardatelca: haha
[09:05] Iloverocknroll77: haha, that sucks
[09:05] Richardatelca: yeah
[09:06] Richardatelca: cuz liz an di look like criminals
[09:06] Richardatelca: haha
[09:06] Iloverocknroll77: totally!
[09:06] Richardatelca: i was in my pajamas
[09:07] Richardatelca: she was just home from school
[09:07] Iloverocknroll77: i remember when i went to some bar once and they wouldnt let me wear my red neck scarf thing becuaes it was "gang related colors", i totally look like im in a a gang!
[09:07] Iloverocknroll77: so the cops just stopped by?
[09:07] Richardatelca: yeah
[09:07] Richardatelca: from villa park
[09:07] Richardatelca: which is like 5 towns over
[09:08] Richardatelca: and i wouldnt let them in the house
[09:08] Richardatelca: i barely opened the door
[09:08] Iloverocknroll77: haha
[09:08] Iloverocknroll77: i wouldnt let them in either
[09:09] Richardatelca: the guy gave me a business card after he showed me his badge
[09:09] Richardatelca: and i went upstairs and looked up the numbers on the web
[09:09] Richardatelca: and i checked out the villa park police dept
[09:11] Richardatelca: so when does the frollicking start?
[09:11] Iloverocknroll77: i have no clue
[09:12] Richardatelca: im shocked!
[09:16] Iloverocknroll77: im not sure why, but ok!
[09:18] Richardatelca: well i figured youd have a comprehsensive frollicking regiment
[09:19] Iloverocknroll77: nope, not really
[09:20] Richardatelca: you should run through a pakr in slow motion
[09:20] Iloverocknroll77: haha
[09:21] Iloverocknroll77: just laughing with my hair in the wind
[09:21] Richardatelca: yeah
[09:21] Richardatelca: exactly
[09:21] Iloverocknroll77: i certainly wont look insane frolicking through a park by myself laughing out loud
[09:22] Richardatelca: no, not at all
[09:22] Richardatelca: in fact people may join in
[09:23] Iloverocknroll77: well then that would be cute
[09:23] Iloverocknroll77: id have to pick a good park, not like the parks where old drunk hobos hang out, haha
[09:25] Iloverocknroll77: although that would make for a funnier premise
[09:26] Richardatelca: it would
[09:26] Richardatelca: and you could have like the guy with the mohawk
[09:28] Iloverocknroll77: well of course
[09:28] Richardatelca: oh ym god
[09:32] Richardatelca: hey email me yr current address
[09:32] Richardatelca: email me at:
[09:32] Iloverocknroll77: ok
[09:32] Richardatelca: thanks!
[09:33] Iloverocknroll77: yup!
[09:33] Richardatelca: i bought you this totally kille rpair of nipple clamps
[09:34] Iloverocknroll77: haha, i hope not!
[09:34] Richardatelca: i totally sis
[09:34] Richardatelca: and a totally killer cock ring
[09:35] Iloverocknroll77: oh yeah, cuz i sleep with A LOT of guys
[09:35] Iloverocknroll77: i will need that
[09:35] Richardatelca: well i thought if youre totally nailin a hot horny dyke
[09:35] Richardatelca: and your strap on is made of lame ass rubber
[09:36] Richardatelca: fuckin boom! get the cock ring on that piece of shit and boom! motherfucker your totally abck to stuffin the bitch
[09:36] Iloverocknroll77: yuck haha
[09:36] Richardatelca: haha
[09:37] Richardatelca: thats howi learned to talk in catholic high school
[09:37] Iloverocknroll77: i went to catholic high school, i didnt talk like that, haha
[09:37] Richardatelca: thats cuz im from the streets
[09:37] Iloverocknroll77: oh yes of course
[09:38] Richardatelca: the streets of westchewser
[09:38] Richardatelca:
[09:38] Richardatelca:
[09:39] Richardatelca:
[09:39] Iloverocknroll77: so tough!
[09:40] Iloverocknroll77: yeah i was totally scared driving in your neighborhood, really rough
[09:40] Iloverocknroll77: i saw a white woman and i instantly locked my doors
[09:40] Richardatelca: haha
[09:40] Richardatelca: that first picture is minutes from my house
[09:40] Richardatelca: when i go for walks i walk by it
[09:40] Richardatelca: haha
[09:41] Iloverocknroll77: oh my god, my town has a wikipedia article
[09:42] Iloverocknroll77: its like two sentences
[09:42] Richardatelca: haha
[09:42] Richardatelca: yeah well im fromt he motherfucken chest of the west
[09:42] Richardatelca: boom motherfucker!
[09:43] Iloverocknroll77: you saying that makes me feel more gay, haha
[09:43] Richardatelca: haha
[09:44] Richardatelca: whihc part
[09:44] Iloverocknroll77: well the boom motherfucker really
[09:44] Richardatelca: haha
[09:45] Richardatelca: george used to say that
[09:45] Richardatelca: he'd put a "boom" into anything
[09:45] Richardatelca: for instance
[09:46] Richardatelca: so dude, i like was makin fuckin toast and boom! i put thatshit in the toaster and boom! i got the butter out of the fridge and like just chill for a minute and boom that shit pops out of the toaster, you know what im sayin boom put the fuckin butter ont hat shit and boom i totally ate it, dude, so fuckin good
[09:46] Iloverocknroll77: wow, haha
[09:47] Richardatelca: yeah
[09:47] Richardatelca: haha
[09:47] Richardatelca: wow was always my response
[09:47] Iloverocknroll77: yeah, its a lot of booms

[09:48] Richardatelca: and alotof dudes and likes
[09:48] Richardatelca: and he would either at some point "be chillin" or as he would put it he would "let the nuts chill"
[09:49] Iloverocknroll77: gross, haha
[09:50] Richardatelca: yeah
[09:50] Richardatelca: he would break at yellow lights
[09:50] Richardatelca: to "let the nuts chill" for a minute
[09:50] Richardatelca: haha
[09:50] Iloverocknroll77: yikes
[09:50] Iloverocknroll77: i dont like that at all, haha
[09:51] Richardatelca: how could anyone???
[09:51] Richardatelca: so moving right along
[09:51] Richardatelca: haha
[09:53] Iloverocknroll77: i feel like i can tell that my right boob is bigger than my left when i look at them
[09:53] Richardatelca: haha
[09:53] Iloverocknroll77: but maybe its just what im wearing
[09:53] Richardatelca: well dont most women have one boob bigger than the other?
[09:53] Iloverocknroll77: yeah
[09:54] Iloverocknroll77: but i dont want it to look like they do!
[09:54] Iloverocknroll77: but i doubt anyone would notice something like that
[09:54] Richardatelca: i doubt it too
[09:55] Richardatelca: most people would just state, lick their lips and so "maaaaaaaaan those are some sweet titties"
[09:55] Iloverocknroll77: yeah, thats what im lookin for!
[09:55] Richardatelca: haha
[09:55] Richardatelca: arent all women?
[09:55] Iloverocknroll77: and i hope its a really gross guy
[09:55] Iloverocknroll77: with a moustache
[09:55] Richardatelca: and then he asksif you want to suck a tomato with him
[09:56] Iloverocknroll77: hahahaha
[09:56] Iloverocknroll77: that is awful
[09:56] Richardatelca: and he pulls a tomato in a plastic baggie out of his pocketr
[09:56] Iloverocknroll77: hahaha
[09:56] Iloverocknroll77: that made me laugh out loud
[09:59] Iloverocknroll77: although attractive black men hit on me and that always weirds me out
[10:00] Iloverocknroll77: i mean i will say its because i have a big ass, but i just dont like getting hit on by any guys really, haha
[10:00] Richardatelca: yeah
[10:00] Richardatelca: haha
[10:01] Iloverocknroll77: although when they are attractive is flattering
[10:01] Richardatelca: those poor black guys
[10:01] Iloverocknroll77: theres all kinds of big asses out there!
[10:01] Richardatelca: haha
[10:01] Richardatelca: yeah youre in northern capitol
[10:01] Richardatelca: the southern capitol is of course Texas
[10:01] Richardatelca: or get this...
[10:01] Richardatelca: Tex-ASS
[10:02] Richardatelca: whoa!
[10:02] Richardatelca: zing!
[10:02] Iloverocknroll77: wow, good one!
[10:02] Richardatelca: thanks
[10:02] Richardatelca: Im here all week
[10:02] Richardatelca: theres a 2nd show at midnight
[10:02] Iloverocknroll77: ill tell all my friends
[10:02] Richardatelca: thank you!
[10:02] Richardatelca: where are you from ma'am
[10:03] Iloverocknroll77: cincinatti!
[10:05] Richardatelca: great town
[10:05] Richardatelca: how bout those reds
[10:05] Iloverocknroll77: alright, i might go do some frolicking even though i cant think of much to do
[10:06] Iloverocknroll77: im sure ill be back later, frolicking cant take that long
[10:06] Richardatelca: frolicking doesn ential much detail
[10:06] Richardatelca: ok cool
[10:06] Richardatelca: have fun hon
[10:06] Iloverocknroll77: talk to you later! bye
[10:06] Richardatelca: see you in a few hours
[10:06] Richardatelca: bye!