Friday, May 23, 2008


Hey gang, in 1989 I bought my first rap album...the total fucking masterpiece that is The Great Adventures Of Slick Rick. It's greatness remains undiminished by time. From "La-Di-Da-Di" to "The Show" to "Hey Young World" to "Shouldn't Have Done It" to "The Ruler's Back" to the incredible "Mona Lisa" and of course "Lick The Balls", the man is one of my absolute favorites. His lyrics were way ahead of their time, and his ability to mimic people's speech patterns and inflections and bend linear story-telling into fantastically surreal shapes with a style that was unlike anyone before him. From his earliest recordings with the equally great Doug E Fresh to his incredibly imaginitive collaborations with The Bomb Squad he's influenced any rapper worth their salt- Nas, Guru, and basically ever member of the Wu-Tang Clan. He's had alot of legal problems...until now. The story is below. Congratulations Rick!

Hip-hop pioneer `Slick Rick' pardoned by N.Y. gov 39 minutes ago

ALBANY, N.Y. - New York Gov. David Paterson is granting a full and unconditional pardon to rapper Ricky "Slick Rick" Walters for the attempted murders of two men in 1991.

The pardon is expected to halt efforts to deport Walters to the United Kingdom, the country he left as a child.

The eyepatch-wearing star behind the '80s rap classic "La-Di-Da-Di" served more than five years in prison after the shooting of his cousin and another man. Both survived.

The governor says Walters is now a rap artist and landlord in the Bronx who hasn't had any criminal problems since his release from prison in 1997. He also says Walters has volunteered to counsel youths against violence.


Mr Bigpants Cock (of the) Walk said...

why did he get pardoned?

Anonymous said...

I’ll bet Slick Rick knows who sold David Paterson his crack. PATERSON HAS ADMITTED DRUG USE!!

Wow, Slick OWNS the blind governor now!!!! I expect we gonna be seeing a whole lotta them pardons!!!

Jackie said...

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Jackie said...

soooo... i'm going to see the breeders on saturday. and hopefully going to the nat'l museum of mexican art. if anyone is interested, that's where i'll be! it's always a party with jackie!

Deanna said...

Hey, I've been wanting an excuse to hang out in Pilsen! What time thereabouts will you be in the area? There's an amazing vintage shop on 18th st called Knee Deep that you should peruse.

que ferions-nous sans vous pour nous guider? said...

lindsay went to a mexican restaurant in pilsen that she said was amazing and pretty cheap. we should make a day of it!

que ferions-nous sans vous pour nous guider? said...

i mean, like partial day, as jackie would eventually leave to see the show.

Jackie said...

i think my friend and i are leaving around 11 on saturday, but it might be later because of when her parents can take her kid for the night. but yeah we are planning on the museum and dinner somewhere hopefully. so i like these ideas!

Jackie said...

but i'm planning to come back in like 2 weeks, so i guess i don't need to rush myself, right?

Deanna said...

Well, the Breeders are playing the Metro...and Pilsen is a bit of a ways from there. There's tons of stuff to do on the northside...just make sure there's not a Cubs game that day/night. No fun, no fun at all.

que ferions-nous sans vous pour nous guider? said...

hey jackie! guess what movie was on last night--the lifetime "beat-the-bitch-down" network classic "my name is sarah." i should have taped it for you! i know it's your favorite movie of all time.

Jackie said...

is that the one we watched when i was there last time??

have you seen girl, positive?? i feel like that one is my new favorite lifetime movie. teenagers spreading AIDs and jennie garth? yes, please.