Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Heckling the hecklers

Is pretty much what I just did.

I also threw the guitar aside and did the entire set a capella. Fuck guitars! I don't need 'em!

My friend Hollie gave me a ride home, and we put on Dig Me Out and sang along at the tops of our lungs. That was probably the highlight of the evening.


Richard said...

Seriously? You really got heckled? Thats fucking ridiculous. I'm sure you gave em hell.

Deanna said...

Oh yeah. One of my friends jokingly yelled "Take off your shirt" to me, and a bunch of drunk douchebags started joining in. Ugh. So I started yelling for them to remove their shirts.

Since I'd never actually BEEN to an open mic night proper before, I didn't realize just how much of a lamewad sausage fest they are. Oy vey.

Matt actually showed up. I asked him why he didn't bring his girlfriend, and he was all like "that might've been weird." No it wouldn't have, unless he's considering how frightened she might have been of me. Haha.