Tuesday, July 08, 2008


If you saw No Reservations last night, you know why I'm posting this. If you didn't, tune in.

I've given money to the landmines organization before. I trust them.

The first link was posted on Bourdain's blog by a fan. They look right on to me.



Jackie said...

hey rich, i'm online now if you are around.

Richard said...

[09:46] Richardatelca: have you ever tried cap'n crunch x-treme: capn's special booty remix cereal?
[09:46] Iloverocknroll77: is that real?
[09:46] Richardatelca: yeah
[09:47] Iloverocknroll77: ive never even heard of it
[09:47] Richardatelca: thats becuase theres no fucking way its real
[09:47] Richardatelca: haha
[09:47] Iloverocknroll77: i hate you!
[09:47] Richardatelca: i love you!

Deanna said...

Rich, your employer sent another one of those lovely rejection letters to me this weekend.

BUT! I have an interview next week with an unnamed art school. And I'm getting responses from other colleges as well. So that's good!

How is everyone on this fine Monday?

Richard said...

someone i work with told me theyre trying to hire a person of "hispanic" origins for the position you went for. apparently "hispanic" origns means "cousin of the HR person"

Deanna said...

Interview tomorrow with the faux Ivy League school! Woo-hoo!

Richard said...

which one?

que ferions-nous sans vous pour nous guider? said...

i got my dress today, guys. veil, too.