Wednesday, July 23, 2008




Jackie said...

sorry i can't see the video BUT here's something on beth ditto that i thought was an interesting read (i'm still getting over my break up with her/the gossip, so if no one cares, then don't go read it):

Jackie said...

and the way this girl writes in her blog reminds me of all the concept papers i had to write in college. wow, i could be a professional blog writer on how women are perceived in society! i'll make millions!

Richard said...

I know everyone loves it when I make fun of dumb shit i overhear at much so that th attention and adulation become overwhelming and forced me to retire this comedy gold even though I keep getting increasngly mroe desperate sex offers from nubile buxon young vixens and skyrocketing deals worth millions from jerry bruckheimer.

Well, Ive held till enjoy this paryticularly worthy nugget...

"youre in a mexican neighborhood, so you know they'll have good tacos and doritos"

Yes, doritos are ALWAYS better in an authentic mexican setting.

Deanna said...

This is sad: Void's drummer died from a massive heart attack in January.

I need to stop looking up shit on Wikipedia.

que ferions-nous sans vous pour nous guider? said...

well, d, here's something to make you smile:

i figured out how to get my machine to not just grind coffee but brew it too! i was about to put it away when i saw a red dial on the top of the filter cover that has a cup next to it and "off 4 6 10". apparently we had it on "off." i haven't tasted the coffee, but i don't think i used the right amount of water so it probably tasted like shit anyway. but, at least for the next time rich needs to film you i can make you some damn coffee!

Richard said...

The next will HOPEFULLY be the weekend of August 8th, if not that the following week.

We're building a head of steam, so we got to nail the fucker.

Oh, D is playing live.

Deanna said...

Coffee! Fuck yes!

I have an interview next Tuesday which totally rules. And I made a new friend today.

I wouldn't call doing four or five covers "playing live."


well you are polaying music and its not prerecorded. so...youre playing live!

Being pedantic always, always rules

Deanna said...

Yeah yeah yeah.

I've got a couple of songs picked out of which I think you'd approve. Just have to figure out two more!

Richard said...

Ok Deanna,

Here are some requests!

I've come up with 5 (five) songs

1) They Don't Make Jews Like Jesus No More by Kinky Friedmann

2) They Saved Hitler's Cock by The Angry Samoans

3) I Saw My Picture On A Milk Carton by The Happy Flowers

4) Narcos Satánicos by Brujeria

5) I'm Locked Out Of My House Again by Rich Millett

6) I'm Writing A Letter To Daddy as seen in the film Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?

7) Nobody Likes Me by Alice Cooper

8) Rancid Amputation by Cannibal Corpse

9) Pimp The Ho by Too $hort

10) The Thrill Is Gone by B.B. King

Richard said...

Oh, and you HAVE to do "I Don't Want To Die For My Country" by the Square Cools, that song is amazing. I play it all the time.

Jackie said...

you know deanna, if you played #6 i'd consider driving down to chicago just to see it. and i'm serious.

Richard said...

Ooooh D, you also HAVE to do one of my favorite songs of ALL TIME..."Whatever I Do Is Right" by The Clean.

Richard said...

Oh, and Stardust Memories by Hoagy Carmichael...yes yes yes do that one too

Richard said...

hey Jackie,

we're understaffed etc and meetings and crap---i wont be able to have lunch till 1:30- so I wont be back till 2:30...see you then hopefullly!

Deanna said...

Wow, um...I'll hop to that.

Jackie said...

C U @ 2:30! OMG! LOL!