Thursday, July 03, 2008


Killing Spree

Overdosing from "Drank"- Dead on "Sizzurp"

Breaking Windows

Biting The Flesh Of The Enemy

Eating At Wendy's

Celebrating 4th Of July

Walking Through Traffic

Buying Tiles At Home Depot

Licking Blood From The Knife



Sizzled Meat


Puppy Love

Incest Is Best


Fucking In The Streets

Death To The Infidels

The Rape Machine Is My Mind


Everything Kicks Ass



Your New Breasts Look Amazing


Dead Aunt

Death To The Infidels

Snuffing Your Enemy

Suffering For Love

First Date

Holding Hands

Pixie Stick



Your Fault

I Blame You



Pity Blowjob

Blue Tooth






Home Catheder Set

Star Spangled Banner



KoKo The Clown


Food Network











Random Murder


Home Invasion


Home Bombs Made Easy




Fast Food

Nice Dudes

Pretty Girls

Sun Tan



Funny Guy

Happy Holiday

Universal Love

Totally Awesome

Be Yourself

Don't Jump Through Hoops For Nobody

In Heaven, Everything Is Fine

People Are Smart

Everything Is Better Than It Used To Be

Universal Love


Beavis and Butthead said...


Jackie said...

rich, i won't be back until around 2'ish because i'm actually getting a lunch. score.

Jackie said...

or like 2:30, those fuckers.

Lance Bass said...

I've totally got a boner! Good stuff!

Richard said...

Ok, seriously---I'm walking to lunch today and these two total jock lookin dudes, and i mean DUDES pass by me, and I swear to god this is what I hear

Jock Dude A: "Man, Adam is hot"
Jock Dude B: "Dude, he's got killer balls"

So...ok...lets say these arent two NASCAR jock guys...lets say theyre gayer than a tangerine...fine...why wopuld anyone want balls to be "killer"???

Mr Bigpants Cock (of the) Walk said...

bigger bulge equals no need for a "driving sock"?
I dont know.. i feel like yr setting up one of those riddles like: "a father and a son are in a car accident and the son is injured and taken to the hospital. the surgeon walks in and notices who the boy is and says 'i cant operate on the boy cuz he's my son'. who's the surgeon?" so are you?

Jackie said...

the mother is the surgeon!

Jackie said...

even if i were "into balls" i'm not sure what makes some killer and some not. any thoughts ladies?

Richard said...

I swear to God Almighty, this is something I overheard walking to lunch today. Seconds after it happened I ran it by in my mind a few times asking myself "did I just fucking hear that???"- its even weirder if you saw these guys. Google Image Search the name Larry or Jake and whoever comes up, thats what these guys looked like.

Richard said...

Jackie, thats a good question...what on earth would deem testicles "killer" and why the fuck would you want that? So darn weird.

And I swear Im not doing anything tricksy.

Richard said...

Also, what is the social dynamic where the guy is casually mentioning the incredible qualities of some guy's testicles and the other guy laughs and nods? Are they just proud of what they got? Are they part times nudists? General interest gential enthusiasts? Orgy stars?

Mr Bigpants Cock (of the) Walk said...

has anyone ever heard of Glenn O'Brien's TV Party? It was a cable access show that ran in NYC 78-82ish hosted by Chris Stein and Interview magazine Journalist (and warhol affiliate) Glenn O'Brien. I just watched a documentary on it last night. it was real cool. you should look into it. there are episodes out there available for purchase and in netflix land. guests and regulars included J-m basquiat fab5 freddy, warhol assistant Walter steding (who was the shows bandleader), amos poe, debbie harry, george clinton, david byrne (who regularily appeared and would play extended jams with the "house band"), robert fripp, robert mapplethorpe, and all those other ppeople from around then/there. it was reallll loose. a lot of times, throughout the episode, basuiat would switch off between the the stage and the control room and get on a teleprompter and type various SAMO messages superimposed over the screen. and there was different camermen all the time. people who never worked cameras who would spend whole episodes just focused on people's ears. or the toes of their shoes. and there would be a call in segment which O'Brien would preface with, "if yr gonna call in, just know that compliments will get you NO WHERE" and so people heeded that advice and would call in and verbally assault these people on stage which would just make them laugh harder and harder. plus the TV party orchestra's drumkit was a wire podium with a new yorker magazine taped onto it and a homemade cymbal hanging from it and the drummer would use brushes to get a sound. and the bandleader played electric violin.

Richard said...

that sounds like the most awesome thing ever

Mr Bigpants Cock (of the) Walk said...

they were probably just guys who used to be skaters. skaters love to talk about cock and balls, draw them, everything. trust me.

Richard said...

why is this its own comment...who knows...anyway!

werent you just mentioning it to me recently on the phone, tim?


did someone else mention it to me?


am I having incredibly prophetic dreams?

Mr Bigpants Cock (of the) Walk said...

it really seemed awesome. I watched most of the doc standing up because it was so awesome. I spent most of the time placing myself into the episodes

Mr Bigpants Cock (of the) Walk said...

yeah i did mention it a week ago. I figured you used to watch it in cicero when you were three; after memorizing yr favorite Flaubert passages and reenacting godfather scenes.

Richard said...


No, I was watching Captain Lou Albaino put Richard Belzer in a headlock on Belzer's short lived chat show. Oh, and Winnie The Pooh on the Disney Channel.

The Godfather & Carl Sandburg stuff happened when I was about 10!

Richard said...

who the heck is Falubert? I'll do a search for it.

Mr Bigpants Cock (of the) Walk said...

he wrote madame bovary

Richard said...

Oh, ok. I have heard of Madame Bovary, have it sitting on my book shelf in fact, but uhh obiovusly dont know that much about it!

Mr Bigpants Cock (of the) Walk said...

you should seriously watch this documentary as soon as you can! but dont watch any episodes without me. I have three coming in the mail. I'll copy them and bring them over. it would be the perfect show to make a thing out of. they had theme shows a lot. so I got the heavy metal theme show and the......Crusades(!!!) theme show. plus i ordered the first episode ever

Richard said...

Ok, I cant think of any other way to say it than "ITS A DEAL". and IM EXCITED

Whats the name of the documentary and how did you come across it??? (netflix/cable/uh, elsewhere)

Mr Bigpants Cock (of the) Walk said...

they even had PREHISTORIC theme show. and one of the rules during the show was no one could speak in "established" languages. so the whole episode is people grabbing the mic and saying "blogey block mik trock yocky yock click tik btriuyiu."

Mr Bigpants Cock (of the) Walk said...

its just called TV Party the documentary. I found it on netflix. but it took like over a week to show up at my house cuz they only had a few copies and it was housed in their special storehouse in texas as aopposed to the lame mainstream fox valley, illinois. go to and can see a trailer, etc.

Mr Bigpants Cock (of the) Walk said...

I totally wish i had copied the doc. But I was so excited about getting the episodes next that I woke up early and dropped it in the mail (without thinking)so it would go out before the holiday and netflix could get on sending me the good shit.

Richard said...

ok maybe this will be the push for netflix my life needed. probably do it tonight in fact

Mr Bigpants Cock (of the) Walk said...

yeah do it, man! fuckin do it

Richard said...

Im gonna, Im gonna!

Mr Bigpants Cock (of the) Walk said...

this post works really well when you play all the video segments at the same time!

Mr Bigpants Cock (of the) Walk said...

if yout time it right, elvis will hit his big crashing final notes right when donald duck is losing his temper

Rich, who is taking a quick break in th emiddle of his umpteeth revision of this onoe poem said...

Tim, you have no idea how much joy your last two comments bring me...I was hoping people would play them either all at once or in differing combinations. Thanks!

que ferions-nous sans vous pour nous guider? said...

tonight and tomorrow night at midnight at the music box they're playing stop making sense!

Jackie said...

thanks for the e-mail rich. this will truly be one amazing 4th of july.

Rich, whos taking another quick break from writing said...

Jackie, glad you like the email, the re-sized smaller files were still too big to sned so by the time i reconfigured the folder, I was sick of waiting for the uploads, so anyway there is much much much more to come!