Sunday, August 10, 2008


"anything could happen and it could be right now, but the choice is yours to make it worthwhile"

The Clean's songs sound as if they always existed. The Clean have had their songs telegraphed through clouds.

"Whatever I Do Is Right", "Flowers", "End Of My Dream", and "Point That Thing Somewhere Else" are some of the greatest songs ever written.

For almost two years these songs are listened to be yours truly before the act of creating. They clear the mind, and are a healthy influence of limitlessness and possibilities.


Deanna said...

Oooooh, this sounds excellent!

The Meat Puppets killed, by the way.

Richard said...

Oh wow, I totally forgot about the Meat Puppets. Do tell.

And yes, The Clean are excellant.

I've tried to mention them in subtle ways to people over the years, and eventually figured fuck subtelty.

Richard said...

Oh, and Isaac Hayes died. Isaac Hayes is of course a giant. If you havent heard his 1969 MASTERPIECE "Hot Buttered Soul", quit fuckin around and go buy it.

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