Monday, August 04, 2008

"POINTLESS"- New York Times

The book I am working on is called Present.
It will come in two halves---one titled "All Of The Possibilities"
and the other titled "The Pugilists"

I am hoping to have this completed the week of the Presidential Elections.

Most of this book exists in my head...if one were to see the master file I have, it would be virtually impossible to see what it is I am after.

In regards to "All Of The Possibilities"...

There is one complete poem. It's untitled, but for the sake of this post, it has the nominal title...
"When I Wake"

Two poems are basically finished, and need slight revisions. One is untitled, but for the sake of this post, it has the nominal title...
The other DOES have a title. It's called...
Data Entry Blues

One poem that needs its entire first half re-written and some elements added to the second half is untitled, but for the sake of this post, it has the nominal title...

Another needs a monologue added to the end. It is untitled, but for the sake of this post, it has the nominal title...
"Morning/Low Lights"

Two poems were written a few years ago. They are basically finished, but do not exist in any typed, presentable state. They are untitled, but for the sake of this post, they have the nominal titles...
"I Am Tired, You Are Tired"
"For Me, For You, For Us"

There are three sets of three poems. These are all for the most part unwritten. I have some bits and pieces that will be used.

The first of these three sets are the "universal" poems. There are no titles and no drafts.

The second of these three sets are the "fragment" poems. There are no titles and one half of a draft.

The third of these three sets are the "endurance" poems. There are a few drafts, but would appear incomprehensible to the reader.

The titles of this third set are...
Staring Through You
Glaring At You
Me & My Empty House

Finally there are five poems that are in various stages of creation.
They are all untitled, but for the pourpose of this post they are being given the nominal titles...
"I Saw The Floods"
"Darling Darlene"
"Your Love Is The Tree I Climb"
"Character Sketch"

There are three poems that will never be incluided whatsoever. Oddly enough they do all have titles. Those are...
I Am On Purpose
Paper Plates
I Am No Longer Named Richard

These poems in "All Of The Possibilities" will be arranged into what seems like one continuous piece. It was not be stock poems on paper, one per page. Everything will bend and twist into each other. Imagine the aesthetics of Splish or the long pieces on Swim To The Center applied to mroe formally structured poems. Maybe.

"All Of The Possibilities" is inherently unrealistic. They are morning poems. Walking around noticing light...projecting and imagining. It can be unrealistic and idealistic because it does not leave ones mind. Private with out being like hyper personal or god fobrid "confessional".

"The Pugilists" is of anything even more nebulous and unformed that "All Of The Possibilities".

its exists in three sections of five poems. Eveyrhitng is absed around the the coneptual points of the wall, the window, and the mirror.

The titles will eventually all be deceptively throw away titles, which will be boxing match ups. Fake boxing match ups as the names of the fighters will be weight classes or time periods that could never have occured. For instance Joe Frazier Vs. Carmen Basilio.

Right now I'm not adhering to this format. That will happen at the end.

As of now, I have a few pieces I'm working on. Some are lists of words/concepts/ideas...some have a few verses or a structure roughly worked out.

Here are some nominal titles...
"I Am Your Mirror/Watch Me"
"MDC- Stalking Telephone"
"Hello Dead People"
"We Get It, We Get It"

Some titles that are real and actual are...
After The Empire
Rich Millett Blues
Do The Negation

"The Pugilists" takes the unrealistic unreachable ideas of "Possibilities" and sttempts to apply them to the "real world" with varrying degrees of success and comprimise.

The Wall/The Window/The Mirror forms the DNA of the entire thing.

Ultimately the book will come unbound/unstapled. There will be no assigned pagination.

I like Miles Davis' idea of titling songs "Ife" and "Nne". There really wont be titles to these poems. Remember the African words I used for titles of Oranges? This would be a further extention of that.

That's all for now.

Liz and I need to work on the artwork. I plan on having alot of artwork. Liz has her work cut out for her.

Thanks for reading this.

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