Sunday, January 04, 2009


Welcome to She Pee

She Pee (P-Mate) is a product that allows women to wee standing up without giving anything away

* Do you desperately need the toilet but you can’t find one?
* Do you queue for a long time when you find a toilet?
* When you get into the cubicle is it so dirty you would rather not bother?
* Do you sometimes wish you could go anywhere, like the men do?
* Are there times when squatting just doesn’t seem appropriate?
* Do you think sitting on a public toilet compromises your personal hygiene?
* Do you get uncomfortable trying to hold in your pee while hunting for a clean toilet?

Top She Pee Moments

* Festivals – when portaloos are too awful to consider sitting on
* Camping – when you don’t want to bare your bum in the bush
* Queues – you’re caught in line but there’s nowhere to pee without losing your place and your mystique
* Pubs, clubs and concerts – when queuing for hours and hovering over the loo may be the only option because the toilet is so gross
* Public toilets – when you don’t want to perch your bum where thousands of germs have gone before
* On the road – when you can’t wait for the next rest step
* Trains, planes and automobiles – when facilities can be too vile to sit on
* Travelling – third world toilets can be best avoided
* Skiing – don’t get caught short on the piste
* Boating – when your choice may be a bucket or a hole
* Pregnancy – weak bladders doesn’t have to be a nightmare

Once you have used it, you can't do without it.The P-Mate gives you more freedom, safety and hygiene. It is developed in connection with the experiences of thousands of women who have tested the P-Mate at grand events, both nationally and internationally.

Can I flush the P-Mate?
Because of the material used to make the p-mate it is not possible to flush the p-mate down a toilet. The p-mate should be thrown into a bin at your nearest convenience.

Can I use the P-Mate with trousers on as well?
Yes. As you only need to move your underwear to one side to use the p-mate it can be used with trousers on, and you only have to partially undress. Naturally this depends on the position and size of the zip. There just needs to be enough space to allow the p-mate to be in the correct position.

Is it necessary to use toilet-paper after I've peed with the P-Mate?
It depends entirely on yourself and your situation. You can remove any drops that are left behind by slowly moving the p-mate to the front and catching them with the back of the p-mate.

Sometimes I go somewhere and I only want to take 1 or 2 P-Mates. How do I have to do that?
The p-mate has a fold line down the middle to allow you to take it in a smaller bag. After folding it can actually fit into an average pocket.

Is there a P-Mate available which is re-usable?
At this time there is not a reusable p-mate available. We have found that the demand for this is very low. It has also been said that most women would consider this to be unhygienic.


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I love NSFW posts.

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Ron Asheton found dead.

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