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Earl Todteman


Explosive long-awaited, new book from literary loose cannon finally sees release to public

Chicago, IL – March 27, 2009 - Earl Todteman here and ensconced in my plush office at the Fluxlife Inc PR Dept overlooking Chicago's elegant Drake Hotel. No, I'm not here to tell you about my enormous cherry maple desk, Italian marble telephone, or decadent chair made of rich Corinthian leather and hand sewn by cherubic Viennese virgin upholsterers.

Am I the only one around here who notices I'm not being fed grapes? Sorry, my manservant wrote that down, that wasn't for you to read, that was for my lazy wait staff to hear. I understand why they're so tired, it's tough logistic work planning the nightly orgies and all, but come on "people", make with the fruit.

While it's true that the recession has hit everyone where it counts, we here at Fluxlife Inc have no such concerns. Wall Street could learn a thing or two from Middle America's favorite Trotskyist propagandists. For we have the ultimate recession-proof business model. No, I won't bore you with facts and figures. I'm already sleepy enough from the Dom Perignon in my IV. Our business plan is a simple one...we have no profit, and have no loss. You could say we follow the Zen Perception School of economics. And like this great country of ours, the product we push into America's hearts and minds, is totally free.

Which allows us to pump an unlimited budget into our books. Speaking of books, we have the privilege of promoting our fearless leader Richard Millett's new work which is called PRESENT. PRESENT is actually two books in one, and contains a total of 27 new, invigorating, fresh, vivacious, lively, and poignant pieces of writing. Titles include "Rich Millett Blues", "Mirror God", "Staring Through You", "Spiders", "When I Wake", and many, many more. PRESENT is guaranteed to be the best thing you read in this, or any other year.

Throughout his notable career, Richard Millett has shown himself to be a diligent and disciplined artist. His new work, PRESENT could very well be his grandest achievement yet. Equally notable, is the unique and exciting photography and artwork by Fluxlife Inc's in-house visual designer, Liz Ramirez!

Ordering PRESENT for yourself, friends, or loved ones is easier than ever! Simply e-mail FLUXLIFE INC at, with your mailing address, and your order will be immediately processed! PRESENT is very limited edition, so act now! As always, all FLUXLIFE INC publications are recession-proof and totally free for you and me! Order now and order often!

Richard Millett, author of PRESENT available exclusively through FLUXLIFE INC, will be accessible for phone conversations, internet messaging, and personal appearances starting 3-31-09. Please contact us at for details.

For use in magazine pull quotes, website front pages, and Twitter announcements, here is a short Q&A with The Artist (Richard Millett) about his incredible new book (PRESENT) we are including in this release, free of charge:

Earl Todteman: The new book is stunning

Richard Millett: That's not a question

ET: Can you tell us a bit about the book?

RM: Yes, it's two books, the first is called "All Of The Possibilities", and the second is called "The Pugilists". The first half is unrealistic, whereas the second half is hyper-realistic. Together, they form a complete whole, called Present.

ET: How long did you work on this book?

RM: A long time, I started in June 2008. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined it would take this long. I've lost a lot of sleep, gotten a lot of migraines, and annoyed a lot of friends with how long I've taken. I do have to say this though, if it's not going to be done right, then what's the point? I might as well take oxycontin, and watch American Idol. I might as well write fan letters to Mike Pence and Bill O'Reilly. I might as well only shop at Wal-Mart and eat at Burger King. If I'm not going to give a fuck about my work, I might as well let everything else go to hell, too.

ET: What took so long?

RM: Well, it's a great amount of material to generate, plus this book was made in a way no other book has ever been made.

ET: What do you mean?

RM: Meaning, we used technology that has never been applied to the printed word. This is truly modern art. We had to bend the will of the technology to fit our needs. It was a whole new discipline beyond just editing and layout. When I say we, Liz & I edited the book together. It's a joy to work with her.

ET: So, you're pushing boundaries?

RM: The last innovation in writing was Burroughs and Gysin with the cut-up. And thank god they did that. They are role models to me, and they should be for you, as well. It's time to advance beyond that, though. It's a drastically different world, even though the same power games are still happening. The art, and the technology assisting in making the art, has to represent this schism. If it doesn't, it's retrograde and obsolete.

ET: Sounds like you're on a mission.

RM: Since I was 12 years old, and probably before that, too. I've always been like this. I wrote my first poem at 12, and made my first movie at 14. I'm 31 now. Think about that. I'm very committed to creating things, whether I have an audience or not. I've never been under contract, never faced any obligations of that sort, other than those imposed by my own intuition and intellect. I've never been censored, or forced into changing something at some stranger's behest. I've hardly ever charged money for my work. I have no corporate sponsorship. My work is the result of a free voice. That's what you get when you read my stuff. Truly free expression, without an agenda or program behind it. Our society is in a rigid machine state. It subverts the human spirit. My work speaks for the human spirit in all its contradictions.

ET: So, you're optimistic?

RM: I believe in human creativity, and I believe in human energy. Energy and creativity results in hard work. And we need hard work to make this a society worth living in. Energy and creativity can be used for incredible evil. Witness the war, and our dependence on war, economic and otherwise. It can also be used for incredible good. I have no idea if this makes me optimistic, but I am not, and never will be on the evil side of these forces.

ET: What were your influences for this book?

RM: Everything I hear, see, feel, and think. If you want specific artistic influences, movies of great truth like F For Fake, Weekend, Le Gai Savior, and See You At Mao. Songwriters like Corin Tucker and Mirah. Liz Ramriez's show at UIC a few months ago. Liz showed the world something on those nights, and I am very fortunate to work with her.

ET: Any upcoming projects we should know about?

RM: Yes, there are a whole host of new books this year like Communism Is Grand and Sunrise On The Caina Islands. I have several movies I'll be finishing like Gorj and Occhio. Then, lots of other things in various stages of completion. Communism Is Grand should be out within a month.

ET: Wow then, I guess I'm out of questions.

RM: Good, I'm sick of giving answers.

And what do the critics have to say about PRESENT?

"More inspiring than the Bible, more enjoyable than the Koran"- George Will

"Features more pronouns than The Infinite Jest and Chinese Democracy combined!"- Ralph Novak

"Millett's good natured jibes are fair and amusing"- Dick Cheney

"The fact we didn't release Present proves we're clueless"- Soft Skull Press

"We'll totally publish this guy long after his death"- Staff of Penguin Books

"That logo you made for 'Really Random House' was not funny, asshole"- Staff of Random House

"His writing is based on fear of criticism. He starts out alright, but then it just drifts into nonsense. I suggested he write sonnets, but as always, he doesn't listen"- Richard Millett III

"Typical liberal blathering. By the way, come see my one man show where I'll be recounting how I went to jail for beating up my now dead wife and former mistress, and how it was their fault- while I wear black face. I'm Mr. Dangerous!"- Jim Goad

"Present by Rich Millett is...interesting and...worthwhile"- Entertainment Weekly

"Very unpleasant"- Oprah Winfrey

"If I knew how to read, I'd glance at this"- Jessica Alba

"Josh Cable is a knob, Paul Williams is a wanker, and who the fuck is Rich Millet?"- Clinton Heylin

"I can't imagine this sprawling mess would make sense to anyone"- Joyce Carol Oates

"Consider the torch passed"- Thomas Pynchon

"A 'Present' of politics and uncommon insight"- Chloe Schama,

"Heavens, this is a tome!"- David Reid

Richard Millett’s new book PRESENT is available for order exclusively through FLUXLIFE INC. beginning 3-31-09. Ordering shall be conducted through e-mail. Contact for your copy, and for information on all other FLUXLIFE INC products. PRESENT is free of charge. Donations accepted.

Founded in 1995, FLUXLIFE INC has consistently challenged a selective audience with it’s non-traditional texts. Owned by Zimfok Intl, and its subsidiary, Entertainment Purchasing Inc since 2002, these maverick publishers have shown a commitment to excellence unmatched by their peers.
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