Monday, March 30, 2009


I have listened to it twice now, and I think Mirah's new album is absolutely amazing. She's a virtuoso singer, the production is goddamn brilliant, the musicians, even more brilliant...and what am I forgetting...oh yeah, the songs. Alright, I've been saying for years she's the best living songwriter on the planet...and the proof is there to be heard. Listening to this music, I'm reminded I have about 1/100th of this woman's talent.

Now, I understand if people dont like this record much. It's her Feeling The Space (which is a ludicrous comparison cuz its WAY WAY WAY better than that album). In short, this album does not the extroverted LOVE ME LOVE ME LOVE ME moments that chamred our hearts on the first album, Advisory Committee, and C'Mon Miracle. So what. The album is very focused, very original, and very very SLOW. It's as slow as The Marble Index.'s the thing, I'm sitting here with a fever, and SLOW is like, perfect for me. And I bet it will be for you, as well. Fever or no. That's all for now, hope you're all having great days and kicking ass.

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