Thursday, March 12, 2009

Typical Girls!

I don't know if this would interest anyone, but there's a really cool listserv I've discovered called Typical Girls which focuses primarily on women in punk rock. Sometimes things veer off course and there are interesting discussions about related social/economic issues...and it's kinda discombobulating to see someone of Sharon Cheslow's stature type "LOL." I've learned about quite a few bands that I'd like to check out, and many of the subscribers were actually heavily involved with these various scenes at their origins, so it's cool to read inside perspectives. (It's also how I learned that Randy from Pylon died. I probably wouldn't have seen that news otherwise.)

Subscribe here.


Jackie said...

i joined!

larry bob roberts is on it, who i love. AND i found out that holly and the italians are a real band and not just something my friend made up to copy for her own band name.

Rich said...

Was anyone watching the Travel Channel last night? Wow! Did you see the debut of Dhani Beats The Shit Out Of Losers And Totally Kicks Ass Across The Globe?

I've always thought (and I'm sure you're with me here)...

"Gosh, if only No Reservations was much stupider, and more boring, and more jocky, and the host had no presence at all, and the show had sports instead of food, and the host said things like 'whoa thailand's crazy', wow, if only someone would answer my prayers and create this television masterwork."

Well, the prayers have been answered!

No Reservations now with 100% more fat and 100% more downs syndrome!