Sunday, May 31, 2009

3 (Three) Things

1. Tim Szostak is releasing his album next week. This is very exciting and inspiring to me. I have been working with Tim on various creative projects in every outlet and form imaginable since 1994. Musically speaking, his great abilities as an improviser, composer, and conceptualist were obvious from the beginning, and have only grown since then. To say I consider him a genuinely talented and creative soul is quite an understatement. Tim told me he is hoping to have some or all of his music played on the radio. Details shall be will know as I know.

2. George Tiller was murdered today. This is hideous. I am outraged. You should be, too. The murderers of George Tiller will never know peace. They are your and my enemy.

3. If I (or we) have promised you anything by mail recently, check the post over the next few days.

4. New book, "Communism Is Grand" goes to the printer tomorrow.

5. Liz and I apologize for going silent here and there. We do the best we can.

6. We love you.

7. More tomorrow, hope you enjoyed your weekend, this week is going to be great.

8. I have never twittered (and if I ever do, feel free to make all sorts of fun).

9. We love you.


Mr Bigpants Cock (of the) Walk said...

it doesnt really seem like you go or've gone silent but..welcome back!!!

who is george tiller, rich?
the word twitter is such a part of the general population's psyche...i cant escape it--what the fuck is this shit?? its so embedded, I feel like Ive been doing it all my life.

on the same token: who the fuck is Jon and Kate? (feel free to not answer if you know)

Rich said...

George Tiller is a doctor who performed abortions. In Kansas. He has been a target of the "PRO-LIFE" (how the FUCK can they POSSIBLY call themselves that???) lunatics for ages. His clinic has been bombed, he was shot in both arms back when I was 16, and today they killed him while he was at church. It is completely evil and disgusting, and it takes tremendous amounts of self control for me to remain a pacifist and not fucking kill his killers first thing tomorrow morning. Or at the very least, slice off their genitals so they can't reproduce. BUT---I (and Mr Tiller for that matter) were never and will never be murderers. I of course curse his killers and their families and their supporters to hell for all eternity. There is no justification for them. Burn Burn Burn.

Now...wildly changing subject...twitter is a piece of idiocy by which people inform other people of the daily minutiae in their pointless, dull lives. You can twitter over the web, but most text it over their cell phones. The average twitter goes something like this---"I just got a chai latte, but I really would rather have had some iced tea". I only know about this cuz some people I work with twitter new work related info (they actually hate twittering, and do it cuz they have to, this doesnt stop me from making fun of them, of course).

Ive been wondering about this Jon & Kate thing too (it seems every headline on yahoo news involves them, I had never heard of them before), until today, Liz was watching some true crime show on the biography channel, and there was an ad for some reality tv show I guess they "star" in. That is all I know!

Havent gotten the new Iggy, Neil Young, Sonic Youth, or Bob Dylan records yet, but let me just say that the new Flipper album is really enjoyable and strong (it's NOT a major artistic Gone Fishin' statement, but who fucking cares), and SHOCKINGLY, one of the discs from Prince's latest 3 disc opus (the Lotusflow3r disc) is his most consistent, imaginative, and thought provoking music in years. Great fucking vibe, great musicians (mostly a trio, fantastic drummer and bassist), Prince rips out incredible guitar parts on nearly every song, and basically it's just a really cool unique vibe and attitude that runs throughout. If it didnt come with two other rather moribound CDs, I'd say go buy it NOW!

Ok, time to go to bed. I have to work tomorrow!

Rich said...

Ok, tomorrow became today...I'm on the fuckin' case

Mr Bigpants Cock (of the) Walk said...

ingmar bergman interview on dick cavett playing right now on tcm

Jackie said...

yeah i know, and i don't get that channel anymore. sad.