Tuesday, May 05, 2009

"Fuck off, Gauguin! You know how much I dig blondes!!"

So did you hear this one? Did you hear about this? There are all the stories of Van Gogh cutting off his ear in a fit of dementia/hysteria/paint eating (did he give the ear as a gift to some woman he was extremely fond of?) It turns out, based on research by two German art historians who combed through old police reports that V.V. actually lost the ear while fighting over a prostitute with Paul Gauguin!!! Gauguin was supposedly a master fencer and sliced that lil fucker off with a sword!!!......... Kinda deflates all the romantic imagery of the solitary visionary white knucklin' it 24/7...it's like the 'Pluto's not a planet' thing. Both whores agreed never to speak of it and Van Gogh would allow history to claim that he cut it off himself.


Deanna said...

I saw that! I love it when historians have to dig up evidence and ruin everyone's fun!

Rich said...

Wow, and my grade school music teacher used the "ear" story to constantly prove her point that artists were stupid/insane. I guess she's just going to have to try harder. Sorry, Mrs Keegan.