Friday, June 05, 2009


Check it out by tomorrow certainly, fun awesome stuff will be posted on this blog...

I like that this blog is a bastion of free expression as opposed to shit like facebook or twitter where you are intimidated into either banality or silence by office workers, "family" members, and other restrictive bullshit mongers. Sure we've fought like cats and dogs on here before, but I think we're all coming from the same place, and that is enormously encouraging to me, especially as I get older and the detractors in my life seem to expect to me role over, play nice, and shut up. I feel I am getting more and more radical as I get older. I legitimately see this as a healthy development. Also, I think all of us on here are ALWAYS willing to "sort it out", we don't project unrealistic expectations...quite honestly it's a relief. I will not be silenced or vibed into "being considerate". Is there a line to crossed where one become a harranging asshole? Yes, of course. But the fact is, I trust you the contributors (friends, wife [you know who you are!] fellow creators, or what Tobi Vail would refer to as "producers", or what Tim would call "co-conspirators") (and occasional not-otherwise-associated readers), to tell me if I have crossed that line. Usually, I know before you, but I respect the confirmation.

Why do I feel the need to say things out loud, put them in print, or "broadcast" (oddly I use the word broadcast all the time as a positive, my father uses it too, except as you guessed it, a negative) all the time? Simple---I am creative and expressive, not reactionary and/or passive. To change this is to nullify/negate WHAT I AM. I challenge and pose questions, rarely do I ever claim to have "answers"...I do these things through any expressive means at my disposal. This is consistent with my ideals/actions, though ultimately that doesnt matter, cuz I totally embrace contradictions in this instance. I've always said I will NEVER be trapped by my language, and this is true.

So, thanks for indulging me, and letting me articulate all these things. And like all of you, I reserve the right to be as obnoxious, intellectual, banal, alienating, obscure, defiant, silly, obscene, polite, etc as I wanna be. Cuz I am free and will always be free. And so are you. It means a tremendous amount to me.

And now...don't forget, Tim's album is coming out in a matter of fuckin DAYS. We talked a little bit about it last night, but I was pretty bleary and am afraid I didnt ask the right questions, and didnt ask enough questions. Tim deserves the fuckin spotlight. I should shut up.


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Jackie said...

i was JUST talking about how i feel like my thoughts/ideas/desires (not that i'm very good at expressing them) have become much more radical as i age. but i feel like a lot of my friends here are definitely not the same way and i feel bogged down a lot of the time. but at least i love being alone because then i can act/think as fucked up as i feel sometimes. does this make any sense?