Monday, August 31, 2009


LUMPEN TLVSN - White Stripes LIVE! 2000 1 of 4 from lumpen on Vimeo.


LUMPEN TLVSN - White Stripes LIVE! 2000 2 of 4 from lumpen on Vimeo.

I had no idea this was being filmed, and I was there

LUMPEN TLVSN - White Stripes LIVE! 2000 3 of 4 from lumpen on Vimeo.

I havent even watched this yet, but I know

LUMPEN TLVSN - White Stripes LIVE! 2000 4 of 4 from lumpen on Vimeo.

get on yr knees and thank our good friends at the lumpen times for posting this to the web. bought my first copy of lumpen back in 1994. god bless them. enjoy.


Richard said...

I clicked through the fourth segment, and yeah, I see Tim's head...he was to my left, so I don't see myself. But yeah, here was all the fucking magic in one place. This one blew the tops of our head off. Still cannot believe its in full living colour and great sound for free on the web. Unbelievable.

Mr Bigpants Cock (of the) Walk said...

this is fuckin awesome!! there will never be anything like what this was.
you are in it a few times, rich! to my right and back a few people(at least i think)

Rich said...

Yeah, actually I did see myself...this was when Whirlwind Heat opened and they were amazing, the bass player broke a string, we were heckling them cuz we LIKED them so much. Tim yelling out "JUSTICE IS MIGHT" at the singer who responded with "yeah, DIRTY BOOTS".

Tim, we know. You & Me know. That's the key. You're the best man cuz you're the best man. We were there, we know, wouldnt have wanted anyone else there on my left. Right fucking on.

Who knows though, two years before this show, we thought music was never going to be as good as it was...we've all (hopefully) got a long way to go, miracles happen every day. We could see something equal or better at any time! Thats what keeps me excited.

This was an incredible night...totally perfect, I LOVE hearing Tim yelling before, after, and during the songs. It's so...I dont know how to put it, it puts a huge smile on my face. I did my share of screaming, but not nearly as much, I was like, in another dimension during this show (I know Tim was, and most of us at the show were too), and it didnt even occur to me to do basic things like, clap or dance. I had to consciously think to do that stuff. I can see the girls we were talking to before the show. Remember the one who pointed at Meg before they started playing and asked us "what about that hardcore titty action?"

Those girls were so fucking cool. Everything that night was so fucking cool. When they played the nest time, the whole place was packed, and remember they did like 5 encores, we wouldnt let them leave!

Mr Bigpants Cock (of the) Walk said...

yeah thats key, we could see something amazing at any time, I know that, we should all know that, and it won't be like anything thats happening on these four screens. Its like what Ian Mackaye says in the soft focus interview, "it was here long before we arrived and it'll be here after we leave" {and also} "there is no better time than now"

and the whirlwind heat WERE incredible that night! I still have my 45 of theirs I bought that night...that sounds nothing like what they were live. I don't remember him saying "yeah, kool thing" but if he did what the hell was he talking about??

Rich said...

Tim, you're right, it wont be like the four screens, in fact I want you to be right real fuckin bad, cuz I want to see some hardcore voodoo soul power explosion action, and who fucking cares if its guitar/bass/drums/...I want like electric flutes, metal pipes, and ummm a fuckin dulcimer, whatever it takes. You are totally 100% right.

The whole thing with you saying "Justice is might" at the singer...he responded with "dirty boots", which is, as we all know on Goo...and check it out...on the cover of Goo is the phrase WHIRLWIND HEAT! "I stole my sisters boyfriend, it all flash whirlwind heat, etc". So, he was seeing your Sonic Youth reference and raising the stakes cuz his bands NAME is Sonic Youth/Raymond Pettibon reference!!! Cool, huh? I didnt get it till I saw it a few days later. I thought he was just naming a SY title back at you in a cordial way.

And yeah I got the 45 too, and boy it sounded nothing like the live explosion we got.

Mr Bigpants Cock (of the) Walk said...

Exactly! That was my challenge to him, a challenge I never would have thought would be met. To this day I wonder if that guy's mind was THAT fuckin encyclopedic-(while playing live in front of a room full of people) or if that's where the band name was originally pulled from.

Jackie said...

i would like to partake in a record shopping trip in the great city of chicago sometime soon. i missed the last time you guys all went and want to do it again, since i like have a job and money now. let me know what you all think!

Rich said...

Hmmm maybe after the wedding? Money is kinda tight till then. I would LOVE to do it though.

Jackie said...

well i assumed it would be more of a long past the wedding sort of thing..... but i'm up for it anytime. i'm trying to save to move too but i could always squirrel away a little something for just records. ; )

Jackie said...

i shouldn't have said "soon" cuz i meant more like this winter sometime. i guess it could wait until march when i'm living there. and my smiley face got all fucked up, so here....

: 0 : ) : p : $ : #

Deanna said...

I meant to comment earlier, because I noticed Lumpen posted this. Fucking amazing. It's almost (at times) like being in the room with them.

I would be up for a severely limited record shopping excursion. Upcoming travel is taking precedence in my current budget, but spending time with you guys would be more important.

Deanna said...

I mean, compared to buying records, spending time would be more important. Fuck me, I'm hungry.