Thursday, December 10, 2009

Have a Big Love Christmas

For the followers, I mean, the chosen, I mean the obsessed, I mean baptized, I mean the flock, I mean the cult, I mean fans...

In preparation for the fourth season of Big Love (premiering January 10th), the HBO website is offering a free download of "A Juniper Creek Christmas," an eight-song album in which Roman Grant and his disciples sings such classics as "We Three Wives," "Deck The Compound" and "I Saw Three Hummers." SIlly? Yes. But it's free! Free! Download away and joyeux moi.


the big love baby said...

thanks, hon!

Jackie said...

i'm afraid to go the site cuz then i'll see spoilers from season 3.

Jackie said...

ok so kathy from the pre-crap gossip is my friend on facebook and she like asked for my 100 books list for 2010 that i plan on reading. and now beth ditto is my friend (i just tried to see if she would be my friend and she added me back) and she's on my chat list. it's weird to me. life is weird.

but i'm way more excited about kathy asking for my book list.

Jackie said...

either i'm creepiest person ever or i just hit an awesome person goldmine and i won't have to delete my facebook cuz they all think i'm weird cuz i just found ALL of these ppl through beth ditto's page and added them (probably all of them unsuccessfully):

tobi vail
tami hart
thurston moore
janet weiss
corin tucker
carrie brownstein
mary timony
molly neuman
allison wolfe
sarah dougher
sarah utter
erin smith
jenny hoyston
kaia wilson
kathleen hanna
kelley deal

i think that's it.

liz said...

wow jackie... i hope you get some of those!

Jackie said...

so far tami hart, molly neuman, sarah dougher and sarah utter have added me back. i was shocked!

Jackie said...

wait, scratch sarah dougher, but still, those three! : )

Mr Bigpants Cock (of the) Walk said...

hey that WAS a year ago we went to lincoln park zoo lights. kate remembered that she bought a stuffed animal for her newborn niece while rich bought a hat in the souvenir shop. and last winter was when that evanston veg place starting to change over and we sat in a booth talking about top chef AND 'weekend' which i had just first seen last fall. and also i was late meeting you guys at lauries cuz i met nathan clark downtown for a beer who told me that his brother sean was coming back to chicago from london after xmas

Rich On Liz's Computer said...

Jesus, Tim, youre right...cuz we talked about Stefan, etc. You nailed it...and especially so, cuz it was this past winter that I wore that hat to work on extremely cold days, so I have only had that hat for a year...and the veg place was going downhilll...why the hell didnt i think of some of those things???