Monday, December 21, 2009


I'm at work today, and Liz is at home...when I get home tonight there will be massive updates to the Wedding Album, so keep hitting refresh after 7 or so. I might try to sneak a few in this afternoon, too. Thank you for your patience.


Rich On Liz's Computer said...

Ok, scratch that, updates tomorrow night,right now I am finally going to see all of the Jesus In India documentary, then listen to some Jimi Hendrix, then I am off to bed. Plus Liz was busy baking and didnt finish picking out her photographs. Tomorrow night though, I will be tearing the Wedding Album up, so be prepared!

Rich On Liz's Computer said...

Ok, the Jesus In India documentary is fucking stunning. Seriously brilliant, investigated alot of things Ive been investigating for years...gave me some more great jumping off points for research. Fucking stunning. Now it's time to listen to Jimi Hendrix and then go to bed. Tomorrow night will be fucking epic.