Sunday, March 07, 2010


The Wedding Album. Year One. 1990. The writing is done. The pictures are done. The massive amount of youtube clips are done. The link to me playing guitar at age 12 has been added. I have a couple, MINOR finishing touches when I get home from work tonight. But for all intents and purposes, it is finished. Please read, watch, listen, and enjoy. And dont forget to add comments, ask questions, tell your own story, etc. This is massive, and it is an epic journey. This is free...this is for you. Enjoy! -------------------------------- ALSO ----------------------- in the name of claiming your history, and your context and doing it fucking right, there is this site, which though we started the Wedding Album before we knew about it, is a total encouragement and a thrill to read---


And in honour of my man Tim, here's some Wicker Man action!
Never let it be said that Rich Millett doesnt take care of his friends!

And who can forget this! ---


Richard said...

Ok, I am up, awake, and, alert. Scanning photos in.

Mr Bigpants Cock (of the) Walk said...

do i have to look up wicker man highlights on my own?

Deanna said...

This is post 400, by the way.

Richard said...

I know, isnt that amazing? I saw we be up to 600 by the end of the year

Richard said...

Also, some of the folks here may find this interesting,39109/1/

Mr Bigpants Cock (of the) Walk said...

Monday is today! the day i tried to browse around in the wedding album. It froze up my computer and crashed firefox three times. and that kinda shit never happens on this computer.
any suggestions?

Richard said...

First off, I just need to say "fuck shit piss"...this really bothers me greatly that you cant get into it properly. Or, at all. I guess.

On the other hand, we're in the process of getting invitations out, so maybe this is best you/we are having these problems now. Jackie hasnt had any problems, BUT I dont think shes been in the Wedding Album since I finished all the updates. She saw it when it was

Tim, here's the deal...I havent tried opening the Wedding Album on my computer cuz I know it would take years for it to do so. On Liz's Mac, I open it up and walk away for a few minutes. Each time. I havent had the browser crash, but when it is loading, I dont even TRY to do anything else. All I see for a bit is the little spinning wheel. Since this obviously isnt working for you, and I know your computer is up to speed/doesnt have tons and tons of stuff on it (as opposed to my computer, for instance)...what I think I'll do is re-format into smaller/shorter posts, and then have the thing at the bottom to link to older posts. So, on a purist level, it fucks with my vision for it, I wanted to literally have each year all in one place. That however, is totally trumped by the fact that if the reader cannnot see the fucking content, the aesthetics dont mean a fucking thing. Right? So, re-formatting before everyone else shows up at the gates, is probably the way forward. I thought blogger could carry the heavy load. I guess I was wrong about that.

Oh, and one more used the term browse around in- thats absolutely the correct attitude. I guess what irritates me most is that you going into it the right fucking way cant see all the entries, and all the various multi-media, cant see the fucking content! This is supposed to be something to enjoy, it really, really sucks, your first experience with it was lousy, and I apologize you havent been able to enjoy it so far.

Or, I can make you a moderator and you can get to just the text! We'll try re-formatting first.

Mr Bigpants Cock (of the) Walk said...

Ill try to bring it up and walk away from it. maybe 15 minutes or so. give all those youtube entries a chance to load without my scrolling and prodding.

Rich said...

Holy shit, the scrolling (and prodding) ONLY makes it so much worse. I know, from experience!

Let me know if it works, if it still fucks up...or even if in your opinion it's just too unwieldy and needs to cut into easier to absorb portions, LET ME KNOW!