Saturday, June 26, 2010

"POLICE BRUTALITY. The guy on the ground was thrown down, pepper sprayed multiple times, kicked in the temple and back of the head, and then beat with a baton. For what? Taking photos of another person being assaulted by police. I was choked with my own helmet by a cop and Brian was maced - again… FOR TAKING PHOTOS."

"That ain’t sunburn. It’s pepper spray from a rage filled Chicago Police Officer by the last name of Fry.

I’m one of about a dozen who caught his wrath (without ANY warning) at the conclusion of Critical Mass. Most were on the sidewalk - not bothering anyone.

At least I didn’t get tackled randomly from my bike (again without warning) like the two guys ahead of me.

They smashed a guy’s face in the ground and kicked him in the temple for TAKING PICTURES of the brutality happening in the streets.

I could go on and on (male cop snatching Blair by the head and forcefully pushing her away for taking pictures, etc) but you get the idea.

What a disgrace.



Mr Bigpants Cock (of the) Walk said...

It would be interesting to know what happened before these people (or person) were subdued. Critical Mass people are well known for deflating car tires, smashing car windshields and keying car panels. I've seen it myself. Later they usually pack their bikes up and drive home to their moms' house where they live in the basement.

Granted that very well may not be the case here.

Jackie said...

yeah, i'm curious too. i just found this through my friend's website and just thought i would share.