Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dinner Party

No date in mind, but I would like to have people over. We never have anyone over and I would like to actually use some of the dishes we got at the shower/wedding sometime... ever. It can be in a month or two months or four months, whenever people will be available. You can bring food or I can make it all, though liquor would have to be brought by the guest since I have no idea how to buy anything good. Contrary to the picture, men would be joining us at the table! Isn't that nice?!

Anything I should try to make? I was thinking I'd make some veggie "sushi" for the oriental dishes we got, maybe some hummus and salsa... an international affair! Dessert and gluten free ideas welcome!


Deanna said...

I love this idea! This would be so much fun.

I'd be more than willing to bring a dish, probably something kinda weird. Maybe pumpkin risotto? I've also been wanting to try making a goat cheese cheesecake. That said, anything I make will ultimately have to be very easily transportable.

Jackie said...

i was looking through my judy chicago book i just bought at women and children first when i saw this, wowie!

and yes to dinner party. i like any excuse to make food and get dressed up.

Jackie said...

and i second that goat cheese cheesecake idea.

Jackie said...

oooh! and i think i want to make pecan pie truffles. see how exciting i find this?

Liz said...

i don't usually like goat cheese, but i'd love to try it! and rich would love pumpkin risotto!