Thursday, January 13, 2011


Finally, somebody found a use for Twitter, and it's Fabio! This is probably the most genius literature I've ever read since James Joyce. The man fucking writes how he speaks. We love you, Fabio!
Revel in the greatness!


Rich said...

Oh, and the greatest comment ever on the Onion, in regards to Marcel-

"I was hoping Tre would just kind of nonchalantly throw Marcel off the roof. Or just strangle him with one arm, whispering "shh, shh" as he did it"

Mr Bigpants Cock (of the) Walk said...

You should also be pleased to know that Jim Henson's grandchildren are busy at work creating Fabio the muppet. Redundant, I know. He will appear in regular skits on the new muppet show alongside the swedish chef where the two will parody a cooking show together. In a classic match of call and response, the swedish chef will utter his signature indecipherable non sequiturs while Muppet Fabio breaks in on every seventh syllable with, "Why you not respect me?! Why you not respect me?!" (I wonder what the two elderly gentlemen in the balcony seats will have to say about such a shtick...)stay tuned

Andy Cohen said...

Waldorf: This is the greatest television I've ever seen. The interaction between the Swedish chef and Fabio is a cross between the telepathic and balletic. I know I'm in love. Statler, do you agree?

Statler: Totes, dude. I heart this!

Andy Cohen said...

Waldorf: Totes

Statler: McOats

One Of The Real Housewives said...

Wrong, wrong, wrong, it was Totes McGoats

Liz said...

i went to his twitter page. it's so confusing. what's he writing and what are people writing to him? it's hard to tell because even people who speak english as a first/only language have terrible writing and grammar skills.

Yakov Smirnoff said...

Wa Da country! Loooks Liike Fabio owes me some dollars for all of the copyright infringements he is doing me!

Dr. Nick said...

Hey, what about me, everybody?!

Concerned Viewer with a heart of gold said...

Umm, when does this get racist?

Waldorf said...

We'll talk about that as soon as you bring me another drink, Kunta Kinte!

Andy Cohen said...

oh my, I think we have our mazel of the week! Thanks for that, Mr Daddy Bear!

Chef Boy Oh Boy said...

Yakov, what abouta me? I saya we havea the class action lawsuit, like momma used to makea

Chef Luigi said...

Heya Dr Nick, you can go sucka Joe Motilliotz, I ama clearly the one being awronged here

Patti Stanger said...

I have an outstanding lawyer, and this whole thing is fakakta. You're absolutely being wronged by these gefilte fish eaters. The penis does the picking, so stick with me, and soon I'll be saying/screaming/shreiking "MEET MY MILLIONAIRES!!!"

The Horny Chef said...

Hey Fabio, I was wronged too. My show was only cancelled after one season on Bravo cuz they tell me no American wants a European host.

Proof reader with a heart of gold said...

You know, there are other words than "wronged" you can use, dipsticks

Weeping In Walla Walla said...

Double suck everybody, double suck,0,5582075.story

Balki Bartokaulauk said...

Fuck a y'all motherfuckers, i fuckin invented this shit. You wanna step to me, bitch?

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