Thursday, May 12, 2011


And after all we've done for you...don't you love us???

Why don't you love us???


Tim said...

And don't forget ugly, lazy and disrespectful OH WAIT

Caped Crusader said...

Sign in to Blogger -> Go to Dashboard -> Settings -> Try to change "Adult Content?" to No and save the settings. Then log out and go to your blog to test if it's working.

Dooh Dah said...

There is a "solution" in the other thread on this same problem here

Changing the colour of the navbar "solves" the problem.

It is very likely a problem in one's own pc because it's in my desktop pc but not in my Macbook. And my friends do not have that problem either on desktop pc's or laptops.

The above thread refers to Spore bloggers using Blogger. There is niggling suspicion of big brother snooping caused the problem!

Tim said...

alright seriously, if yr a regular and yr suggesting a fix, use yr real name or dont make a suggestion.

Caped crusader: didn't work

Dooh dah: can't find 'change navbar" option in html, how far in?

Richard said...

Hey, both of those are mine, I just pulled them out of the "help" page. Good idea about using real names, given the circumstances.

Tim said...

fake names are great for comedy stylings but the anonymity factor is frightening for receiving technical advice. Never can tell if its a government spook leading me into a dark alley.

Richard said...

I couldnt agree more. We're in kind of a weird area right now, so we (the the people) need to be above board with each other.

Deanna said...

Blogger went into a coma. Basically if you put up anything Wednesday or Thursday morning, it's now fucking GONE. I've seen some GF bloggers I follow complain about it.

After this, I foresee a mass exodus to Wordpress.

Anonymous said...

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