Sunday, September 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Deanna

What a difference a decade makes, huh?

Hope you have a lovely and memorable day!


Deanna said...

Thank you Rich! With no cable TV and enough distractions to stay off the internet, I certainly aim to have a good day.

Y'all have a good weekend!

lizzzzzzz said...

happy belated birthday d! hope it was good.

Tim said...

wow this is quite the birthday greeting! to bad we can't get the sound of bodies slamming through pavement to play in the background, or maybe just a solemn trumpet?

HB,D are you the big 3-0 this year?

Rich said...

Oh man, you should see the pictures I considered using. Obviously, I was in an extraordinarily odd mood when I put this one together. I guess I should only do birthday greetings when Im feeling more celebratory. Thats the lesson Ive learned. Even the next morning, I was gonan pull it, but D had already commented. That being said, your comment, especially the solemn trumpet cracked me up, Tim.

Deanna said...

Thanks everybody! Tim, I'm almost 30. That's when all the bullshit magically stops, right? One more year!

Tim said...

Well, in a way. It tends to be when you realize that 99% of The Bullshit is actually bullshit excuses.

It's also when I found out that, if it's within your control, physical health is the nucleus of spiritual and mental health. and along those lines--cardiovascular exercise is the secret to everything and the eliminator of oodles and oodles and oodles of bullshit.

But the 30s also seem to be when people are more prone to TAKE ON the bullshit of talking/acting in terms of paranoia and apocalypse. It really seems to take up some people's energy in the 30s. Very strange phenomenon. I've learned to ignore it; not from lack of compassion but because it's always a stink someone is desperate to emit/"share" for no reason other than adrenalin rush. and anyone who believes in the importance of their imagination knows this thinking is mental cancer. Most of the time It's just like a temporary headcold/hiccup that passes. Other times people seem to build their life on this ugliness and I think it starts around 30. I know people in their 30s who seem like they are 98, like they flicked a switch in their third decade. I don't care how many planes fly into buildings or how many ice caps melt--paranoia and secession based on paranoia is nothing but harmful. Just another level of bullshit to be omitted. But this stuff's all obvious, I know. all just seems to fit together.

Just enjoy 29 cuz the earth probably wont be here for 30! hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!