Saturday, May 19, 2012

Montrose Miscellaneous March 2012

Is the bile building up in you?  Are you looking to take a dump in public, ya know, for the attention?
Well here's yr chance, stinky! C'mon up to the north side of Chicago on May 19, 2012 and join 99% of yr fateful cohorts as they select from the infinite smorgasbord of reasons and bitch about it.  Why? BECAUSE YOU CAN!  Should there be another reason???

Pissed about the McRib being available only once a year?  Sad because someone cut down that one tree that you walked past that one time?  Still a lil pissed about the flat tire on yr bicycle?  Annoyed that yr landlord took two days to replace that light bulb?  Maybe you had an argument with yr significant other this morning.  Did that person who just walked by give you a dirty look? I think he did! Good Enough!! C'mon up and march with yr feeble-minded brothers and sisters, Comrades of every stripe!!!  March to the mayor's house and give his wife and children a piece of yr mind!!!!!!  Sisters and Brother, Comrades, the time is truly ripe!! POWER TO THE PROBLEMS we invent that give us that tingly adrenaline feeling in the backs of our necks which subsequently make us feel like we serve a purpose, temporarily!!! Some PEople on FACEbook are WATCHing! Some PEople on FACEbook are WATCHing! Some PEople on FACEbook are WATCHing! Some PEople on FACEbook are WATCHing! Some PEople on FACEbook are WATCHing! Some PEople on FACEbook are WATCHing! Some PEople on FACEbook are WATCHing! Some PEople on FACEbook are WATCHing!


Rich said...

Liz sat down next to me (she had been on her computer in the dining room) and I asked "Tim has a new post, did you see it?"

She laughed and said yeah.

We then ran through our favourite parts. Liz especially liked the photo you chose, and the grand Facebook finale.

I said, the best part though, is "Power to the problems".

She laughed and agreed.

In other words, well played!

Rich said...

BTW, Hank's show this week, is a real pip. He's alone in a hotel, so no Double B hijinks, but the music, is just phenomenal.

Mr Bigpants Cock (of the) Walk said...

about time that guy plays something good... he usually holds back like the chicago police hold back on the LRAD

Rich said...

"Hungry? Grow your own food! Start gardens! Occupy your Food Supply!"- great advice from the brain surgeons at Spiritualution

WOW! I had NO IDEA it was that EASY!

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