Friday, May 10, 2013


I still haven't stopped "fucking around" reading this one yet, the whole final 1/3, parts of the, middle, nothing from the beginning...but oh my God in Heaven. What a book! Richard Hell has always been a hero, but this puts it in a whole new stark perspective.

instensly high level creativity
critical faculties
artistic achievements
ability to render time and place
distillations of people and their essence

in his writing is un fucking believable. He doesn't "give up the goods" the way Dylan or parts of Keith's books do...BUT if you are a perceptive individual, and understand what questions to pose, and where to look, it is ALL a fucking book


Mr Bigpants Cock (of the) Walk said...

oh good! hopefully they have it at the library. for some reason he was recently featured in an article in bon appetit magazine. I think the assignment was simply to list his daily diet. in the few paragraphs there were, he came across like someone who'd been beaten over the head several times and then spent the following month sitting in a closet inhaling fumes from a can of paint.

and then I saw the look he was making on the cover of this book when it came out and um...well at that point I was hoping someone else would "take the hit" first so now I know thanks

Mr Bigpants Cock (of the) Walk said...

speaking of reading (ahem) I recently read something where Ornette Coleman was talking about his performance of midnight sunrise on dancing in your head. Apparently there are over three albums worth of material that he recorded with the Master Musicians in the same period with ornette on sax and trumpet! and according to ornette, the ten minutes that were issued arent worth shit compared to the stuff that he has and that no one is willing to release for him........

Rich said...

Thats very exciting, and enormously frustrating

Someone needs to tell Ornette about Kickstarter...that stuff would be out in 3 months