Sunday, September 29, 2013

It All Happens Here

 In which Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention claim there place alongside The Arkestra and the Agharta/Pangea band


Richard said...

Watched this last night. Truly excellent. The ebb and flow, the dynamics, the trade off between being improvisational and back into ensemble And the fact they did it for Beat Club, which is where most bands would show up to lip sync to one or two hits. Outstanding find!

Rich said...

Listening to the new Grant Hart album this week. I really like it so far. The writing is great, I like the production, and the instrumentation, etc. One thing that amazes me though, is that he sounds ALOT like David Bowie.

Mr Bigpants Cock (of the) Walk said...

A LOTLOTLOT! you sounded skeptical when I pointed that out. Kate thought it WAS a Bowie album. and it holds pretty damn tightly to its concept.

Rich said...

I hadn't heard him since that NPR thing last year, and his was real raggedy, more Tom Waits than anything else. I just couldn't see how it was possible. But there it is, down the exact phrasing and everything. The Dame himself could cover the entire album. Could be an interesting thematic follow up to The Next Day, and he doesn't even have to spend any time writing it!

Rich said...

1) Speaking of Grant Hart, I haven't even delved into the concept yet, simply because I am amazed at the breadth and command of the songwriting. It's just SO fuckin' impressive.

As people age usually they start making one of two types of records...bizarre attempts at shoving themselves into a totally new genre (usually a "contemporary" makeover, guest stars always help), or reclaiming their "classic" sounds and styles.

Grant has done neither. He's taken the hardest road. He both deepened and expanded himself as an artist.

You kinda said something to this effect already, but I feel that this new album makes one retroactively re-think his entire body of work, back to 1979. The narrative is entirely re-written now. It's not good enough for him to periodcally play 2541 well at an acoustic gig, and the entire notion that he squandered his Husker Du era brilliance, while Bob thrived. That shit is GONE. Now, we know what he's REALLY capable of. And ALL of it, from Diane, to Green Eyes, to Books About UFOs, etc are now no longer high water marks from a bygone time but stepping stones to his NOW moment. Incredible. And seriously, God bless him. He's had a hell of a hard time getting to this point. Some of it his own making, some of it the cruelty of the "smoldering ruins". This is his moment of triumph. I hope it makes him smile.

I also can't wait to see what happens next. He's a hell of a talent, and now it's all shining through.