Wednesday, March 12, 2014


The Rich Millett Archive Project is now a real thing!  For however long it takes, I’ll be rolling out items of the Fluxlife Inc. Vaults® that shall delight, confound, confuse, and, amaze!

Kinda sorta, Shut Up Sarah was the first release of the series, and now Poems To Dance To has  been unleashed!  Poems To Dance To consists of 36 pieces from long, long ago.  Most of these were published in lit mags, or were intended for books, but cut at the last minute.  Now, some of you eagle-eyed enterprising souls may recognize a few of these titles from Extracts (2001), or Twenty (2011), but…(and here’s the cool part) these are the original final versions, as I originally typed them, using both index fingers, back when I weighed 100 lbs less.  Everything that was in Extracts was re-typed (at a minimum), and (usually) re-written. 

This is straight out of the old files.  The real stuff.

Heres the contents…

RMAP01: POEMS TO DANCE TO (1991-2001)

The Lighter Side of Suicide
Sad Mind
Street Calls
Bag O' Nails
Hunter Girl
Love Means Always Saying You're Sorry
...But I Know
The Moon
The Dark Kiss
Mutilation Of The Blanks
Whatever You Think...
I Don't Care #363
Suicidal & Sunburned
Afraid Of The Dark
We Chew 'Em Up And Spit 'Em Out
Grunge Assault #1 (Wood Is Good)
I Rock
Where Did It All Go?
They Never Felt Sorrow
Catch Her In The Rye Bread
The Ballad Of Pablo
Fruitcake: The Final Insult
Platinum Blonde
Commercials Are The Best Part
Krystyna's Café
Moral To The Story
Me Plus You
I Love Women
The Rapist Vs. …….

To read this collection- click here!


Mr Bigpants Cock (of the) Walk said...

Wonderful I will definitely check this out! I looked into that jandek article and it's already two issues old unfortunately. I assume there's no way to cut paste the article up here, is there? I talked to haggis about it this morning and he just rolled his eyes and mumbled something about go check in the kings of Leon section. I don't know what that means.

Rich said...

I hope you enjoy! I think you'll be able to see what could have been in which book.

There's no way to cut n paste. It's not strictly pdf. Otherwise, I could.

Talk to me, we'll um figure something out. What's cool though is having a digital subscription to every issue they've ever made. So yeah, we'll figure it out, as they say.

Seriously? Mags/Hags? Attitude? In 2014? Really? I had really hoped he would have turned the corner. That's just sad. Much sadder than Bruce raging against the dying light in the cabin. And lame. Cant forget lame. How thoroughly fucking lame. "Oh here comes yet another sell out grunge trend chaser...always asking about Jandek. Try opening your minds, losers. Oh, shudder. Always with the Jandek. You can smell them a million miles away"