Saturday, May 17, 2014



Mr Bigpants Cock (of the) Walk said...

wow. ok so,

New Orleans, Bethany Bultman

Nowhere To Run: The Story Of Soul Music, Gerri Hirshey

Time magazine, March 31, 1961

The complete poems of Carl Sandburg,
introduction: A. MacLeish

The 48 Laws Of Power, Robert Greene

The Son Of The Wolf, Jack London

The Letters Of Jack London

HG Welles stories

Low Life: Lures And Snares Of Old New York, Luc Sante

Really The Blues Mezz Mezzrow

Coming Aphrodite!, Willa Cather

New York Places And Pleasures, Kate Simon

Beneath The Underdog, Charles Mingus

American Rhapsody, Joe Eszterhas

Touchstones: A Book Of Daily Meditation For Men

Rich said...

He certainly is eclectic

Mr Bigpants Cock (of the) Walk said...

yeah, walt whitman is thinking, "damn what a dick! i made lists and that guy is making organisms.."

Rich said...

File Under: Consider the Source

That Fargo thing you read before it debuted was written by the same extra chromosome dipshit who reviewed the nicholas season of top chef.

They should just bring back Pierce, the guy who didnt know shit, knew he didnt know shit, and just made shit up. At least that's entertaining.

Rich said...

and on the other side of the spectrum (or, it's own spectrum)

from Keith Levene this morning:

"30 years ago_I Left PiL before CZ1983-84 was completed due to Creative differences_oVer the CZ project_ NoW I am headed to Prague to realize a 30 year dream_to record the Project as I eNvisioned. It is a bit surreal. An emoTional day. A great day. All made possible because of the project's 412 backers. Thank you. For your Faith in me. For your encouraGemenT. For your support. I dedicate this project_to the Backers of CZ2014. Thank You!"