Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I don't know if yr just straight up facebook these days.  But if you're not, Holy Shit!  What do you think of all this???


Rich said...

No, Im not haha

Umm I don't know what to think...

One could say of course it would happen, it was inevitable

Honestly, I don't think much of the new song.

As for them as a live act, that really remains to be seen. I thought they really fell to earth during the Woods tour. They were just slogging their way through those shows and that's where they left off.

I always thought there was a poetry to their breaking up.

They had nearly outlived their cultural context, which is death for a band.

So, for them to reclaim that now, its so hard to say what that will look like.

Im sure they'll be able to play the notes and perform the songs

But the spirit that bore them seems left from another age.

I really wish the new song was better.

It's the post- riot-grrrl equivalent of all those Sham 69 "if the boys are united/they cant be divided" songs. They say they won't give in? To what? When your most visible band member has is the most visible because of a stupid lulz fest ironical dipshit comedy slop hour and American express commercials...the giving in happened. Where do you go from there? Pretend that you didn't? Or that the fruit didn't taste sweet? I heard nothing of the BAND in that song. I just heard people playing their parts. So umm yeah.

I mean I would imagine that I would go see them play, and while I wont have my arms folded, I also wont be screaming myself hoarse.

Yeah, I don't know, you know?

What do you think of all this?

liz said...

I didn't think they'd get back together. They seemed so content in their individual projects. I guess I thought Carrie would be a hold out since she's big-time now. I haven't listened to the song yet but I'll still want to go see them.