Monday, November 24, 2014


And they have The Complete David Bowie by Mr. Pegg listed as one of the sources, so that's a good sign!


Mr Bigpants Cock (of the) Walk said...

yeah its real good. between this and the pegg book you get as much song reconstruction and background info as you could want before it starts to short out yr imagination.
i hope he's working on some next day entries.

Rich said...

I bet the Next Day entries will show up soon. He seems to be something of a little dynamo.

also, have you seen the Banksy documentary on cable (not the Exit Through The Gift Shop, the Banks Does NYC)? I just watched about five minutes and the one piece he did blew my fucking mind. I always liked him, but shit, this one is The Stuff.

Mr Bigpants Cock (of the) Walk said...

Banksy Does New York: Yeah I saw that one. about the banksy collective's October '13 residency. the pieces ranged from "the stuff" to cute silly crap at best. I imagine a range like that is symptomatic of pumpin em out daily for a month. Or, I was thinking, after hearing what the editor/bitch of artforum had to say about the residency--the csc aspect of the banksy collective might be just that. a concept itself? sure makes things even more ripe for discussion, polarizing. but even moreso-- its like putting a metaphorical electric dog fence around yr creations. yr work aint gonna collect no dust in the gallery if THAT world aint gonna terminally worship you (and forcing them to publicly turn their nose up at you certainly um exposes their stance) before yr encased artifacts end up at the auction house--yr piece is more ensured to 'burn out' then to never mind.

and speaking of the mundane. how grating is the couple in the car chasing these pieces around? I almost turned the thing off because I was feeling more and more complicit with THEM! I dont know if the director has intended them to represent the flip side of the editor/bitch coin or something, like if that world is ignoring this scene than who is listening? if so then the creators hate hate hate the banksy collective. Yes its lovely to see such enthusiasm..but at what cost does one want to be lumped in with dumbass BnTs?! I mean these are the same fuckers who stand in line for eight hours everytime a new Iphone comes out; right now they are doing stretches and carbing up specifically for all the good times one can have at midnight on black friday.

I really loved the serene landscape inside the moving truck.

I also watched Bowie: Five Years. real good. they have a fascinating understanding of time!