Monday, December 08, 2014


Here I am, live on cable access! And you can see why I was never ever allowed on television again.


Mr Bigpants Cock (of the) Walk said...

What a cute little god of hell fire shockin the socks off our fealess class president.. and that papes nasal thing is really going on!!
but why the fuck did the tape stop rolling right at the good part??? I was really hoping to see The Iron Cunt try n put the hurt on ya. PS--boy it sure wasn't very difficult to come off as the Fashion Czar back then, huh?..

Rich said...

Well...the Papes thing...

I know we've talked about this privately, but I'll put it here for anybody takin notes

He had his own "goin to Washington" epic. this endless ridiculous crap thing with him as the pied piper, that ended with him leading the revolution up to a secret service where blows pot smoke in his face and like, tooootally blows his miiiind, maaaan.

So, as much this one was influenced by specifically Jello Biafra's wonderful Stars And Striped Of Corruption, and Public Enemy's legendary By The Time I Get To Arizona, and indirectly by Amiri was also a parody/heist of the GJ thing. Takin' it, cuz he wasnt worthy, an apostate, you know?

When I had read this to him about a week before in his Mother's kitchen, he just stared at me in anger and disbelief.

Do you remember that Ice Cube song Jackin' For Beats?...that was on my mind, too. I did very much the exact same thing


Now, the rest of this clip (the itnerview part) will be used elsewhere. I just wanted to keep this as the straight performance clip. No muss, no fuss.

And I defanged Cuntry right away. I said the biggest probelm facing society was lack of rights for women, and she real pleasant after that.

And yeah, the fashion czar...

They told me to wear dark colors, black shirt if possible. But good Lord, we're all practically wearing a uniform up there.

Sartorially speaking, you were like Muhammad Ali in his prime beating up an 8 year old

Rich said...

...And how awesome was Dylan's press announcement for the new albu???????

Mr Bigpants Cock (of the) Walk said...

I have to admit that I've been secretly bummed that it wasn't going to be a collection of new songs coming out. But after reading that statement I'm so very excited to hear it!